The most awaited iPhone 5 finally launched!

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, the i Phone 5 has finally been released at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center, by CEO Tim Cook. Despite many leaks, fans of the Apple product were ardently awaiting the announcement.

So here comes the new i Phone with more exciting features and dimensions. The new model is made out of glass and aluminum and is the thinnest phone Apple have ever made, at 7.6 mm, and also the lightest, weighing in 120 grams. It’s taller, too, enabling an extra row of apps on the screen, with an overall screen size of 10.2 cm, resulting in a 16 x 9 ratio. ‘Lightening’ is 80 per cent smaller whilst the phone will also be capable of 4G/LTE connectivity with software of the phone being drastically upgraded from the i Phone 4s, included a new chip – the Apple A6 Chip – along with double the CPU and double the graphics capability.

Siri has also had an upgrade, now boasting the ability to launch apps and post Face-book entries by voice.

One of the biggest feature upgrades is with the camera. It’s now branded iSight and, while offering the same 8 mp lens, now has improved HDR and Photo-stream sharing.

Video recording remains at 1080p, while the front-cam is markedly better – 720p.
Face Time being the standout feature. The headline newbie, however, is the panoramic mode that will stitch together a landscape shot in real-time and create an image up to 28 mp in size.

Apple has thankfully upgraded its old earphones to the new Ear Pods, which are a huge step up in design and do sound better.

Apple also launched the new i Pod touch and the Nano, along with a new set of headphones.


Google Extends Online Search To E-mail Boxes

Google has also added a serendipity factor by surfacing potentially surprising facts -Photo

Google has also added a serendipity factor by surfacing potentially surprising facts -Photo

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Wednesday began allowing users to extend online searches to include messages stored in accounts at Web-based email service Gmail. Read More…..

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The truth about Agha Waqar’s water car kit – The Express Tribune Blog

Our social media and our mainstream media are known for publishing news irresponsibly and without verification. I was compelled to write this blog which is aimed at highlighting another instance of unverified reporting by the media.

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Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance lovers

This photograph taken on July 20, 2012 shows professor Hooman Samani, Research Fellow at the Interactive and Digital Media Institute National University of Singapore, displaying the “Kissenger”. Finding it hard to keep up the passion in a long-distance relationship? Help might be on the way. A robotics professor in Singapore has invented a gadget equipped with motion-sensitive electronic “lips” that allow amorous but absent couples to exchange long-distance smooches via the Internet.

SINGAPORE: Finding it hard to keep up the passion in a long-distance relationship? Help might be on the way.

A robotics professor in Singapore has invented a gadget equipped with motion-sensitive electronic “lips” that allow amorous but absent couples to exchange long-distance smooches via the Internet.

Shaped like a small head with oversize silicone lips, the “Kissenger” – short for Kiss Messenger – was unveiled in June at a scientific conference in Britain and is still being refined for commercial launch.

“It can be used between humans to improve their communication,” its creator Hooman Samani told AFP.

Couples just have to connect the devices to computers via USB cables, link up online and start kissing the silicone material to trigger sensors that move the gadget on the other side.

They can stare at each other on screen while exchanging kisses.

“The main issue is to transmit the force and pressure, and also the shape of the lip,” Samani said.

The “special silicone material” chosen for the lips offers “the best sensation and feeling”, said the scientist, who has personally tested the device.

But the Kissenger is not yet ready for the market despite “a lot of offers”from interested parties because there are “ethical issues” that need to be

resolved on top of the technical aspects, he said.

“Kissing is very intimate so in order to have a product in market which is going to deal with this sensitive issue we have to do proper studies and investigation on the social point of view, cultural point of view,” he said.

The device is still being refined at a laboratory jointly set up by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University of Japan.

Samani calls his field of study “lovotics” – research into the relationship between robots and humans – and the Kissenger is just one of several devices being developed by his team.

Do you need one too ? :p

Teen Dies After 40-hour Diablo III Marathon Game Session

Diablo III proved deadly for an 18-year-old gamer who died at an Internet cafe in Taiwan after playing the hack-and-slash title for 40 straight hours without taking a break. Local media reports he didn’t eat for nearly two days until he ultimately collapsed and died.

Police are currently investigating the official cause of death with the help of an autopsy, but it’s expected he died of cardiovascular problems resulting from spending hours and hours in a sedentary position. This is actually the second time someone in Taiwan has died this year from playing video games.

Video game related deaths aren’t as infrequent or rare as one might think. They’re usually associated with marathon game sessions that last multiple days, with cardiac arrest often ruled as the cause of death. It’s something to be conscious of when you find the hours ticking off the clock in front of your PC or console. Let this be a reminder to take frequent breaks and to get outside every once in awhile.

PS3 vs Xbox 360

The never ending Xbox-PS3 rivalry sometimes sounds like Mac vs PC. As i have been looking to buy a gaming console, i researched on both of them. Now that both game consoles are competitively priced and offer most of the same functionality, only one can be crowned “King”.

The two Giants


The Xbox 360 has a very slight advantage at the low end, with a $199.99 bundle that includes 4GB of storage and a wireless controller. The Xbox 360 Elite with 250GB of storage rings up at $299.99. Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation 3 with 160GB of storage is available for $249.  A bundle with a 320GB PS3 and Sony’s motion-control add-on, PlayStation Move, will cost you $349. As for the online services, PlayStation Network has the advantage here because you can enjoy most of the features without paying for the premium membership (which still offers bonuses like free games and discounts), while Xbox Live still requires a Gold membership to play online and watch streaming services. Xbox Live Gold is also more expensive than PSN Plus.The $200 Xbox 360 is the least-expensive entry, but if you want your game console to double as an entertainment system, the $250 PlayStation 3 with 40 times the storage and a built-in Blu-ray player is a better bet for the money.
Winner: Playstation 3


Both boxes have slightly similar processing power although the Xbox 360 is a year older than PS3. Both systems can play the same games. Some will take longer time to load depending on the graphics filter used.
Winner: Tie

Game Selection:

Games are a matter of taste. The biggest games of the last five years are mostly cross-platform titles, like the Call of Duty series, Elder Scrolls, and Madden franchises. But, both systems have their own exclusives like Gears of War, Uncharted, Forza Motorsport for Xbox 360; and Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo for Playstation 3.
Winner: Tie

Multimedia Options:

The Playstation 3 is packed with a Blu-Ray player, which combined with the HDMI output PS3 provides, gives you the ultimate experience. Whereas, Microsoft backed the wrong horse in the media format wars. Microsoft stuck with DVD playback and an optional HD-DVD drive.
Winner: Playstation 3

Online Experience:

Both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network are rich complementary Web-based services with loads of multimedia, matchmaking (as in finding you a viable game opponent, not necessarily a life partner), and streaming media features—and they’re both very similar. According to my research, Xbox Live has a better experience than the PSN. For example, Xbox Lives gives you the group chat feature which is very useful when you are playing with a group of friends. Although most of the Xbox Live features are expensive whereas the PSN features are almost free, the feedback i received upon asking different gamers was that Xbox 360 has a better online play. If you ask me, I would rate experience over money.
Winner: Xbox 360

Motion Controls:

Because of Kinect’s unique features and relative success, the Xbox squeaks by here. Instead of waving around a wand like the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move, the Kinect camera detects how you’re moving without props or batteries. As the commercial says, “You are the controller.” Motion-controlled gaming hasn’t taken off like Microsoft or Sony hoped, and while the Kinect still has some momentum with games like Star Wars Kinect, it’s not the main reason you should get an Xbox 360.
Winner: Xbox 360


Sony PlayStation 3. For gaming, the two systems are almost identical in power, selection, and experience, but the PS3 pulls ahead in online service with free online multiplayer and media playback with Blu-ray support. The Xbox 360’s biggest advantage is the Kinect, and even that’s an option with few games and dubious usefulness. With the PS3, for $50 more than the Xbox, you get more storage, more functionality, and you can play with your friends without paying a subscription fee. Not to mention the great titles coming up on PS3.

I am still confused about which one to buy.  At the E3 gaming convention this year neither Microsoft nor Sony announced new consoles, and we won’t likely see next-gen boxes for at least a couple of years. But we can’t be very sure about that can we?

The Blue Experience

Among the utterly fascinating technologies of 21st century, here comes another one!


 A brand new smart face book phone by Tolga Tuncer. Though many of the magazines had already made their review, still it’s worth sharing this interesting concept to our readers.
A same problem’s heard all over that face book is working hard on a mobile phone. Tolga Tuncer devised an idea of the blue phone that seemed quite interesting.
The length of the phone is quite longer than a normal one i.e. 17.5 cm long by 5.5 cm wide, featuring a wedge design that enables an easy view even if it’s placed on a flat surface.

On the front is the ‘like’ button whereas on the top is a combined button for messaging and notifications from where you can check the messages and notifications directly. It is designed in a way that the speaker and the micro are placed at the back so in order to make calls, you have to turn it. There is an internal speaker output and a headphone connection. Camera button with LED flash is at the back.

Among the several transfixing features, the only problem with the phone is that it isn’t pocket friendly due to quite longer size.