What is Love?

Love is the feeling and a very sweet emotion which is present in every relationship existing in this world.When a baby first comes into this world the first bond which is developed between mother and child is that of pure love.It is the bond which is clear of every bad intention,feelings and emotions.Love is the one when teacher scolds his student for doing some mistake and after sometime give him/her a sweet smile and kiss on her cheeks,it is the one when mother scolding her child gives him/her a warm hug,it is the one which exists between sisters in the way that they all laugh,cry and fight for each other.It is the love when one brother goes for shopping and buy the same shirt for his second brother.It is the love when dad suddenly comes home and announce a huge pleasant surprise to his family.

A very good example explaining the true love is that “One day a boy asked wise man what is love?The wise man replied,Go to the garden and bring the most beautiful flower.”Then the boy dutifully goes to the garden and there he saw a lot of beautiful flowers.At the same time he thought that may be if he will move further he will get the most beautiful flower so then he move forward but did not get the most beautiful one.He was disappointed by this so he came back to the start of the garden where he had seen the beautiful flowers but now there is no flower here.He came back and told the whole story to wise man and the wise man answered,

“This is the love when you have it you don’t value it but when it gets away you repent it”


Speak Up : It’s ‘Your’ Life

I think this is the most important question which everyone should ask from his-self that “Are we really satisfied with our lives?” and the majority answer is No, Not! After getting the answer of your self-asked question just gives a little thought on your life which you are having. “Is it really the way how u wants it?” If it is according to your approach then it is fine but if it is not then you can change your life only if you are willing to change it otherwise time never stops for anyone it has to move so the life too has to go on. We can take the example of a child whose parents forces him to choose science subjects knowing that he is more interested in arts subjects. Now the child should convince his parents that he wants to study arts subjects because he is good at arts and he is not capable of studying science subjects. But the problem is if he does not convince and start studying those subjects which his parents has chosen for him so what will happen in the end, obviously failure or a bad marks! Afterwards he will keep complaining about his life that what a hell life he is passing or so but if he think a little bit about it he will surely get the answer all this pathetic life which he is passing is due to his fault of not convincing his parents, for not taking stand for his career. As we are not the servants of anybody. Allah Almighty has created us “Ashraf-ul-maqluqat” which means we are independent; we can make decisions of our life independently i.e. we are capable of making difference between what is right and wrong for us. I don’t say that we should start doing things without any guidance and permission from our elders. It is very obvious thing that the guidance of elders matters a lot but if they are wrong at some point we should tell them what is right by giving logical reasons. In this you will be more self-satisfied, can lead more better life and ultimately you will be a successful person.

Another very important issue which is more common in less developed country that is of marriage. When there comes a time of marriage people (specially referring to the people of rural areas) don’t bother asking their daughters about their willingness of getting married to the guy which they have selected. They don’t consider the acceptance of a girl in a marriage is important. They just think that we are elders so we have every right of making decisions of our offspring. Marriage is actually the thing which is the contract between a girl and a boy so the willingness of a girl matters a lot as it is her life she has a full right of making her life decisions as she is going to spend a whole life with that guy not his parents. So be strong and speak for yourself because no one is going to fight for your rights because it is your life !

BE CONFIDENT : What you are and what you do !!

Everyone says that “Trust in a relationship is very important”. Yes it is! But trusting yourself is more important. The era in which we are living is very technological and advanced era where people have a lot of opportunities to prove themselves but still they are not able to do something different, unique and productive and the main reason behind this is that they don’t have trust and confident on themselves that whatever thing they will do it will be right. So, there is a strong need to build confidence in ourselves. We all are always having some fear inside ourselves which usually prevents us to do something which is useful in real sense. So, we should try our best to get rid of this fear as soon as possible if we want progress. There are a lot more people who want to do something great but then they get trapped into such kind of thoughts “What people will say?”, “May be my friends don’t like this”, or maybe “I am not able to do it” etc. etc. We should understand this if we will do good some people will surely appreciate you and encourage you and on the other hand some will criticize you as we know this fact that every picture has both the sides that is darker and brighter one. Now, it totally depends on you that which complement and comment you are going to take it seriously and always remember people are always their to talk about everything. They are always free to make judgments and assumptions.

So, I just want to say that be confident what you are because every person is unique in himself. You are perfect what you are now. Be proud of yourself. Allah has created everyone different. Focus on your own abilities, capabilities and specialties rather than comparing yourself with others because comparison gives you nothing. And always try to find yourself what you meant to be and what you are born to be!

Violence Against Women

I was watching tv and suddenly there comes a breaking news that in Faisalabad city a husband burned his wife by putting a kerosene oil on her just because the wife asked money for the monthly expenses of home and his husband had spent all his earned money on buying drugs,cigarettes and on playing cards so he did not have an even single penny left for spending on daily home expenses and he found the solution of this problem as to put his wife to death.So, this is the story which is very shocking to me and I think for everyone.

This is not a single story but a huge no.of happenings of this kind are daily occurring in our society.As we are living a life in a under-developed country where most of the people belong to a poor class and are illetrate.People are so much frustrated that they just want to escape from the harsh situations and thus commit suicides,murder people,attempt acid attacks,honour killing and killing of a women.

In most of the rural areas men still don’t want to listen that they are blessed with a baby girl How cruel?We say that we are modern people but ponder a little our modernity teaches us this that kill your baby if it’s a baby girl and make festivities if the baby is a boy. We also proudly say that we are muslims and follow the sunnah and Quran but have we ever thought that our Quran teaches us to respect women and give them their due rights. It very clearly proves that what we say are totally opposite to our actions.Because instead of giving them their due rights men try to snatch their rights and the example is in front of us that is killing of a living baby girl for the sole reason that she is born a girl.No one is allowed to kill anyone.No one has a right to take away the right of a life from others because it is the most fundamental and basic right of every human being existing in this world.