The Blue Experience

Among the utterly fascinating technologies of 21st century, here comes another one!


 A brand new smart face book phone by Tolga Tuncer. Though many of the magazines had already made their review, still it’s worth sharing this interesting concept to our readers.
A same problem’s heard all over that face book is working hard on a mobile phone. Tolga Tuncer devised an idea of the blue phone that seemed quite interesting.
The length of the phone is quite longer than a normal one i.e. 17.5 cm long by 5.5 cm wide, featuring a wedge design that enables an easy view even if it’s placed on a flat surface.

On the front is the ‘like’ button whereas on the top is a combined button for messaging and notifications from where you can check the messages and notifications directly. It is designed in a way that the speaker and the micro are placed at the back so in order to make calls, you have to turn it. There is an internal speaker output and a headphone connection. Camera button with LED flash is at the back.

Among the several transfixing features, the only problem with the phone is that it isn’t pocket friendly due to quite longer size.


Your take on this ?

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