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 Present situation of Pakistan is the worst condition a country ever falls in.
Nawaz – IK – TUQ; we want nothing but peace!



One Year Blog Anniversary!

1st Anniversary Spice It Up

1st Anniversary Spice It Up ===   I guess it’s the right time to Celebrate and let it all out ! 😀 ===

A year ago, I started something kind of random at the suggestion of a friend (who happens to be a partner in every crime :p ). It was called a BLOG. Ever heard of one of those?  I have to admit, I never did at that time. He insisted that instead of watching 500 days of summer, we should do something productive this summer (2012). So I opened up my free WordPress account searched for a template and (my baby) was registered 😉

When I first started blogging, I really had to expectation at all. I gotta admit I didn’t have the slightest of idea what I was doing, so I just dived into it blind and unprepared. I just blogged about what interested me. 

We (me and Talha ) started the blog thinking somehow it might fit with our daily routines. we never actually had a plan as in what are we going to write about ? Who is our target audience? 

A couple of months later we were joined by Amara Aziz – A writer, thinker and a phenomenal artist.
And than Mareya Khurshid came in with her remarkable writing skill.
Nidz Jamshaid and Midhat Farzeen made significant contribution to the blog (for a short time though 😛 )
and Waseem Khan being the most recent entry in our team.

And how can I forgot Talha Naveed, always being here with his unique insight and work. A dedicated young fellow I must admit.

In the past year, my life had a para-dime shift, entered my 20’s. All grown up with a much clearer and broader perspective of things and the world. An I’ve learnt

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.

I’m tired just thinking about it! Haha! A whole year. I’ve shared so much of life right here on the blog over the past year. All the while the blog continued to grow, It has been such a blessing! There is nothing else I’d rather do. I’m so happy to be where I am now and know I persevered through it all!

And you know what else keeps me inspired?

YOU. You are kindred spirits and when you leave a comment that makes me laugh or reassures me or encourages me? It is like having coffee with a girlfriend every morning. You are kind and thoughtful and supportive and have become my friends. You make this all so much more fun!

Thanks so much to all of you who come here and read and leave comments and support me in so many ways! I’m forever grateful.

So what is next?

Gift spicedupcrap

Onward to the next year 😀

Khawaja Ali Arshad –
14th July, 2013

Women Who Inspire – Sohaila Abdulali

“After being raped, I was wounded; My honour was not: Sohaila Abdulali

“When I fought to live that night, I hardly knew what I was fighting for. A male friend and I had gone for a walk up a mountain near my home. Four armed men caught us and made us climb to a secluded spot, where they raped me for several hours, and beat both of us. They argued among themselves about whether or not to kill us, and finally let us go.

At 17, I was just a child. Life rewarded me richly for surviving. I stumbled home, wounded and traumatized, to a fabulous family. With them on my side, so much came my way. I found true love. I wrote books. I saw a kangaroo in the wild. I caught buses and missed trains. I had a shining child. The century changed. My first gray hair appeared.

Too many others will never experience that. They will not see that it gets better, that the day comes when one incident is no longer the central focus of your life. One day you find you are no longer looking behind you, expecting every group of men to attack. One day you wind a scarf around your throat without having a flashback to being choked. One day you are not frightened anymore.

Rape is horrible. But it is not horrible for all the reasons that have been drilled into the heads of Indian women. It is horrible because you are violated, you are scared, someone else takes control of your body and hurts you in the most intimate way. It is not horrible because you lose your “virtue.” It is not horrible because your father and your brother are dishonored. I reject the notion that my virtue is located in my vagina, just as I reject the notion that men’s brains are in their genitals.

If we take honor out of the equation, rape will still be horrible, but it will be a personal, and not a societal, horror. We will be able to give women who have been assaulted what they truly need: not a load of rubbish about how they should feel guilty or ashamed, but empathy for going through a terrible trauma.

The week after I was attacked, I heard the story of a woman who was raped in a nearby suburb. She came home, went into the kitchen, set herself on fire and died. The person who told me the story was full of admiration for her selflessness in preserving her husband’s honor. Thanks to my parents, I never did understand this.

The law has to provide real penalties for rapists and protection for victims, but only families and communities can provide this empathy and support. How will a teenager participate in the prosecution of her rapist if her family isn’t behind her? How will a wife charge her assailant if her husband thinks the attack was more of an affront to him than a violation of her?

At 17, I thought the scariest thing that could happen in my life was being hurt and humiliated in such a painful way. At 49, I know I was wrong: the scariest thing is imagining my 11-year-old child being hurt and humiliated. Not because of my family’s honor, but because she trusts the world and it is infinitely painful to think of her losing that trust. When I look back, it is not the 17-year-old me I want to comfort, but my parents. They had the job of picking up the pieces.

This is where our work lies, with those of us who are raising the next generation. It lies in teaching our sons and daughters to become liberated, respectful adults who know that men who hurt women are making a choice, and will be punished.

When I was 17, I could not have imagined thousands of people marching against rape in India, as we have seen these past few weeks. And yet there is still work to be done. We have spent generations constructing elaborate systems of patriarchy, caste and social and sexual inequality that allow abuse to flourish. But rape is not inevitable, like the weather. We need to shelve all the gibberish about honor and virtue and did-she-lead-him-on and could-he-help-himself. We need to put responsibility where it lies: on men who violate women, and on all of us who let them get away with it while we point accusing fingers at their victims.”

– Sohaila Abdulali.”



By Meghan O’Keefe

Ugh. I really, really, really don’t want to talk again about rape and people trying to get away with it or blame the victim for it, but it’s still obviously happening.

Last month, a 23 year-old woman went to the movies with her boyfriend in New Delhi, India, and while they were walking home together at night, a bus stopped, offered them a ride home and when they went inside, both of them were assaulted, stripped and thrown from the bus in the middle of nowhere. The woman was also brutally gang raped by six men and died two weeks after the incident from her injuries.

It’s a disgusting case that has sparked international outrage and calls from Indians for stricter punishment for rape. (If you are curious about more of the details, you can check them out here or here.)

One of the most outrageous things about this particular case is that the accused rapists’ lawyer, Manohar Lal Sharma, has publicly stated, that although the woman’s boyfriend has identified the rapists and the police have DNA linking all of the accused to the crime, that his clients were obviously innocent. His reasoning? ”Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.”


Pakistan Today

With the recent twist and turns of events inside Pakistan, the following scenarios have lined up today:-

  • Tahir Ul Qadri’s long march has reached Islamabad and claims to dissolve Provincial and National Assemblies have been made.
  • Governor rule in Quetta has been imposed due to the recent attacks on Hazara Community and the “Don’t care” attitude of the CM.
  • Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader Imran Khan has put forward his 7-points to be acted upon as soon as possible.
  • Pakistan turmoil deepest as Supreme court orders to arrest the Prime Minister and his secretaries involved in the rental power case
  • India has become rigid over the control-line issue. It has even banned Pakistan Hockey players to participate in their league. Visa on border to elder citizens has also been delayed till further notice. 
  • The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has summoned a joint political session of allied parties to assess the current situation. 
  • Stock index 100 of Karachi Stock Market crashes by 500 points making the dollar worth Rs. 99

With these turn of events happening in just one week, if you are a Pakistani then I would suggest that you get a pack of popcorns and glue yourself to your favourite NEWS channel. Change is coming! It’s coming in fast.

A letter : Have Mercy on us Altaf bhai

Altaf Hussain's Poitical DroneDear Mr Altaf Hussain (aka Altaf bhai),

I hope this post finds you in best of your health. I thought unlike millions of ordinary Pakistani who hate you, your singing skills and of course mafia like control of Karachi city from core of their hearts – I should actually try doing something constructive.

Please here find a small Pakistan 101 lesson for yourself. For your convenience I have decided to go in a numbered list format, since that is proven to be much more effective and even easier to remember in future:

  • Pakistan and India gained independence in 1947 from United Kingdom.
  • Both the countries were granted this freedom under the status of Dominion.
  • Dominion means that whoever held the crown in London was to be taken as Sovereign of the new formed political territories.
  • All the citizens of the Pakistan and India were Indian Citizens before that, who technically paid their allegiance to the British Crown.
  • India by formulating a Constitution left the Dominion status in 1950, whereas Pakistan in 1956.
  • Therefore again “technically” before 1950 every Indian was paying allegiance to the British Crown and every Pakistani till 1956.

Now as per your point about Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s allegiance to the British Crown, my dear Bhai that was really nothing as you are trying to imply. If seriously this was your “Political Drone” you were talking about and this is what you thought is some highly intellectual discourse you wanted to stir – I really cannot understand the people who follow you at all!

Given that we allow people like you to control a megapolis thousands of miles away and other pedigree politicians run the country as if it is their fiefdom says a lot about what is wrong with Pakistan.

Please have mercy on the people Bhai, and just enjoy those Kebabs from the Sulamaneh Restaurant on the Edgware Road (can’t recommend it high enough).

If you have no clue what this is all about read :

Altaf Hussain says: Quaid-e-Azam took oath of allegiance to King George VI

Shame on me for championing Veena Malik

No, I’m not writing to bash Veena Malik for showing too much cleavage, saying sex before marriage is cool or any of the 20,000 things Pakistanis habitually bash her for. I have actually been a part of ‘Team Veena’ – a big fan of this bold, outspoken woman who seemed (unlike the rest of this nation) to keep it real, even in the face of fame and celebdom.

No more so I am afraid.


If you haven’t watched the video – WATCH HERE

Veena Malik receives a call-in on her show ‘Astaghfaar’ on Hero TV(a call that is about as authentic as the show is classy). The caller is a young woman calling from Karachi who says she is living alone. What a terrible thing, says Veena, who asks for the woman’s age and marital status.

“I’m 24” says the audibly distraught woman.

“And you haven’t married yet?” asks Veena.

The caller goes on to describe a broken home, while Veena nods knowingly until it is revealed that black magic is the cause of the woman’s current distress.

*Cue fake gasp and cross-over to token maulvi*

What we have next is just outrageous. We viewers are moved from fairly run-of-the-mill religious filler by the maulvi to the caller freaking out, screaming and “being possessed by a demon” as the maulvi informs us.

(Controlled) pandemonium breaks loose, with Veena standing up, freaking out and calling on her team to “check” if the caller is okay (rather than say, dropping the call immediately – or say, editing out the entire call so it never airs).

Next we get a mini-episode of The Exorcist, with brave maulvi sahib engaging with the ‘demon’ with such enlightened remarks as:

“Who are you? Are you Muslim or Hindu?”

(To which the demon replies “I’m not Muslim”)

“Leave now, or we will burn you” (burn who? The possessed woman?)

“How dare you as a non-Muslim Hindu try to enter our Muslim sister? Aren’t you ashamed”

“I’ll just call for a stick and break your bones (Whose bones? The woman’s?)

The call drops. Veena sighs – a mixture of relief and fear.

“We’ll be back after the commercial, friends” she says…

Veena, I get it.

You’re in show business, and this is your job. Read the script, play out the role and give it your best. It’s really my fault for assuming you actually stood for things above and beyond your role as an actor.

Forgive me, some of your previous interviews and actions had me fooled.

I assumed you actually found religious dogma that tries to keep women in bondage, nay, beat them under the guise of superstitious nonsense something that is foul and condemnable.

I assumed you were in India as part of a larger gesture to show that you had no beef with a nation’s creed – that ‘Hindu’ was not a foul, demonic, evil thing.

I assumed you were, at some level, keeping an eye on what you would or would not be willing to do in the name of fame and fortune i.e. drop a show, drop a script, or even the much smaller, drop a segment you disagreed with at some fundamental level.

I assumed you would never be sitting across from a jaahil maulvi play-acting to the lowest common denominator in our already befuddled and fearful society. I expect such a display from Baba Welfare (exorcist extraordinaire) or Alim Junaib Bengali, but I guess I can expect the same from you too.

I’d say shame on you, but really, shame on me.

My only request would be: in the future, when a woman is crippled, maimed, raped or murdered in an exorcism ritual (and that happens often) think about the impact of the show you ran. The next time you hear of a violent act against a Hindu family in Pakistan, or that entire families are migrating to India seeking refuge from a nation filled with hate – think about this segment you were a part of, and the message it sent out.

This whole episode was made up from this video – CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Google Extends Online Search To E-mail Boxes

Google has also added a serendipity factor by surfacing potentially surprising facts -Photo

Google has also added a serendipity factor by surfacing potentially surprising facts -Photo

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Wednesday began allowing users to extend online searches to include messages stored in accounts at Web-based email service Gmail. Read More…..

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‘The 7 Habits’ author Stephen Covey dies

Stephen R. Covey, the renowned author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” has died at the age of 79 yesterday i.e 16th of July,2012 ; According to his daughter, Catherine Sagers.

Covey died early Monday morning at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls from the effects of a bicycle accident in April.

Covey was hospitalized at the time with head injuries. He also suffered cracked ribs and a partially collapsed lung, as well as the typical scrapes and bruises, Daily Herald reported.

According to police reports he was riding down a hill accompanied by a personal assistant. He apparently tried to manoeuvre around a corner and was going too fast and may have misjudged the road or a curb and crashed, Siufanua said. “We’re really not sure what happened,” he said.

Covey is recognized as one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential Americans. He is an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant and author.

In 2011, Covey was ranked 47th in the Thinkers50 list of world’s Top 50 business thinkers.

He left us with his great teachings and humanity will learn from them.

“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

Rest In Peace Dr. Stephen Covey (1932-2012)