What If

English: Whale shark at the Osaka Aquarium mai...

English: Whale shark at the Osaka Aquarium main tank exhibit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if you could fly? If you could touch the skies. Burst through the clouds feeling the wind on your face. The wind stealing a tear from your eyes, slowly creeping through the side of your face to your ear.See the world below you, see the people looking like little ants, and point out your own house and the place you hang out with your friends. If you could feel a bug splat on your face, If you could race the birds to the next patch of clouds. If you could feel your weight disappear into the vast blue sky. If you could see as far as the sky stretched. If you could wave your hand to a kid sitting at the window seat of a plane, if you could look over the clouds, the same clouds which looked over you all your life. What if you could fly ?
What if you could catch fire? If you could stick your hand in the bon fire and grab a red hot amber. Roll it around in your hand and hold it close to you. If you could see the amber really closely and watch it turn to ash slowly in you hands. If you could catch the flame of a candle in your hand and take it to the next room, if you could walk through a raging fire in a building and rescue a damsel in distress (if you are a boy) or a sweet little cat (if you are a girl) . if you could grab the flame of a stove, take it to your nose and balance the whole flame on your nose and show it off to your buddies. What If you could catch fire?
What if you could talk to fish ? If you could call on your buddy the whale shark, if you could go for a swim with miss dolphin, if you could be in an argument with a whale , if you could ask the shark “why so serious?”, or ask the sea horse if you can have a ride on him, if you could talk business with a goldfish, or laugh out on a joke from the white dolphin, if you could text miss squid to come to your party, if you could challenge the octopus in arm wrestling. What if you could talk to fish?
What if you could go invisible ? if you could sneak into your class room, late. If you could tip toe out of your room to eat the let over pizza MOM saved for your brother or sister, if you could slap the guy you hated all your life and couldn’t do anything about it , with him not even noticing, if you could help catch a gang of robbers, if you could stand right besides those people who talk against you , if you could scare the life out of your friends, or play hide and seek with your buddies and hide right in front of them, What if you could go invisible?
What if?, a question we all ask ourselves daily if not all the time. Which is natural I guess because we cannot have everything in this world and we certainly don’t. so it’s our nature to imagine ourselves having all those things which we don’t. Imagining ourselves enjoying our lives. Imagining ourselves to have a better time than we are having right now. A question we cant help it but to ask. And when we ask this question our imagination capabilities go wild. But this question is very important to us, it makes us know how it feels to be in somebody else’s shoes. It familiarizes us with the possibilities of the world. And in many cases it also reveals to us why we don’t have everything. And more than often we get the answer to the question as to why we don’t have everything but we pretend not to know the answer. And when we realize why we are not given everything our heart and soul sets finally into peace.
So go ahead ask yourself “What if “ and let your imagination run wild.