Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are

I stood in the middle, watching as the winds of change tore through my life,as it all came to me and feeling the wind rush through my hair I realized life is too short to spend it following someone else s footsteps. Since childhood I was conditioned to act in certain ways to be accepted . i was forced to copy someone I was not. This was the beginning of my loss of authenticity.

We all need to recondition our beliefs by discovering what is really true for us . There is nothing wrong with adapting practices of someone you idealize but the should be inculcated in a way that enhances “Your” allure.

36816413 minutes , 840 months , 70 years . The average life expectancy. One of these days we’r going to be incapable of making a difference that is when we’ll regret trying to be someone we were not .

We always question will we be accepted for what we are ? we are afraid to fail , afraid to be recognized , overcome by the fear of not being able to achieve great things.

Even if not everyone has realized it , you make a positive difference in the world. You want yourself to be recognized , stop trying to be someone else and that is how winners are made.

I am who I am and God has blessed me the way I am. Accepting this gives you the confidence to take on the world and dare to dream and dream big, and to achieve those dreams. Dare to push yourself beyond the limits, discover what you are capable of and make it happen, don’t waste your life being someone you are not.

“To be beautiful means to be your authentic self “


Life is hard !!!

Life is tough, when you stand up you’re going to be shot back down. When you are down, you’re going to be stepped on.

Success is defined as getting up one more time than you’ve been knocked down. You fall, you stumble, you get pushed, you land square on your face. But every time that happens you get back on your feet.

You fail more often then you win. It’s up to you to puff up your chest. Stretch your neck and face the difficulties coming your way. You want more than you have now. Prove it!! Get out there and earn it. Once you know what it is that you want than don’t stop pushing forward until you get there and that is how winners are made.

Get out there, Run faster, Dream bigger, and live better than you ever have before.

We have among ourselves a winner today. Who rested his faith in God and faces everything that came his way. His life is an open book. Shouldering the responsibility of a better tomorrow. Murtaza Ahmad, a student of BS CS met an accident a time ago was physically challenged. He has been continuing his studies. Coming to the universities and living a very normal social life.

With an ever smiley face, I have always found him happy, talking to people, interacting, studying, motivated, determined. He being a source of inspiration for many others has his own very perspective of life.


What challenges do you face being a part of the society?

In a country like Pakistan I face a lot of challenges in my everyday activities. In our country we have total lack of disabled sensitive facilities, infrastructure is not supportive and one cannot find a wheelchair facilitative environment in any institute or recreational places. So if you are disable-by any mean- you are dependent on others for all your daily living activities. As far as people are concerned they are very helpful but not trained, they don’t know what to do or how to help you.

Positive or negative feedback

Almost all people whom I met always try to encourage me to do something either in studies, in earning or any other aspect of life and not to stay at home because of my disability. This is always very encouraging for me and that is why I am currently student of bachelor studies in university.

Also, at times I have to absorb negative comments and it is too a part of life particularly when you are living dependent life. Many times you suffer with inferiority complexes in your daily activities when you have to engage someone else to help you and be dependent on them.

How do you think God compensates you?

What I believe is when God takes one thing from you he gives you many other things as its compensation. Like I feel after my disability I have become mentally very strong and I can bear any difficulty that comes my way, my life became more stable, and I am now more focused on what am doing. I found a reason to live. 

Did at any point in your life, you think of quitting everything you are doing?

It’s always very hard to live life with so many difficulties, and there are moments when I am upset of been disabled or the inability to do anything freely. But I came across a conscious decision to live positively , be optimistic, thank God for what I have and I think I made a good decision to continue my studies as a normal person.

What was the one thing that encouraged you to keep working?

There are multiple factors which keep encouraging me to lead a normal life. I guess support of my family play key role in my life.

A message you would like to give.

What I experienced in my life is that if a person is determined and focused in his ambitions there is no way any type of hurdle could stop you from achieving your goals. So I just want to say that whatever situation you are in or whatever difficulties you are facing, just be positive, work hard and believe in yourself- one day you will definitely achieve your goals. More over just believe and trust in Almighty ALLAH, He will never ever let you fall down.

“The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long”

A confusion !!


As an army official says:

“Whenever i kill a militant , or he gets shot he calls out for Allah’s acceptance before dying (Or embracing shadah as they may say) I feel confised.Even though I know they are wrong, even though i know what I am fighting against , even though I know what they do every second day is nothing but a massaccre. They kill innocent children , they kill women who stand up for their right to vote,study,be educated. THey kill men who donot have beards. But while dying they scream out and declare “I testify God is one and Muhammad is His Last Prophet” . Their voice haunts me every single night i try to sleep. I know they do wrong , they are wrong. Not that I feel any guilt or I feel pitty for them . Its just that I fight in the name of Islam,they spread terrorism in the name of Islam , its just easy to say confusing to face.

Identity of the official to be kept private.

Let Go!!

Sometimes its not hard to let go,whats hard is it start over. Every relationship we come across in or entire life requires to let go one time or another.


It is surely a hard thing to do , as it may mean to us as everything falling apart, we may feel weak but somwhere deep inside we know it is the right thing to be done. Your heart may be nothing but a million pieces forming basis for a million regrets . Somethings we need to focus on to make the phase go easy on us.

1)Forgive Yourself

2) Dont think about any hard time as lost

3) Reconnect with who you are outside a relationship

4)Discover Yourself

5) Cry for once and get over it rathar than not crying and hiding .

6) Know the benefits of moving on.

How is it ?

Leaving,ending and starting over is painful,terrifying and scary. But we need to hang on to it long enough.Whether it’s a romance, a friendship, or even family relationship, sometimes you have to take a hard look and make a hard choice.

What do we do ? 

Stick to it long enough and never to turn back. 

Would I do it again?

You bet !!

Letting go of stuff,leaving people,ending relationships does not mean we close that very side of our heart. It just means the choices we made were wrong . The people we cared for did’nt deserve it . We just need time. 

Love at first sight



Well talking about that what i always got from my grand parents and parents is the “fact” that love at first sight does not exist.(not actually, just going with the flow) . It is often termed as “Teenage crushes being thought of as love”. Well No, Love at first sight is a simple rathar scientific phenomenon.

We all grew up watching those fairy tale movies (accept it guys) and reading those “happily ever after” books where the perfect tall handsome prince finds the beautiful princess from a land far far away. Watching all this our subconsious developes this image of an ideal guy//girl . Whom when we see in reality , our mind triggers us and we may actually face the phenomenon of love at first sight which now looks quite logical to exist.

People who have a more looks oriented subconscious image may fall in love real soon as  compared to those who prefer personality over looks.

Just an irrelavent thought : Once you have distinguished the one you love from all your crushes. Dont wait for the right time, for it may never come. Say the golden words before its too late.

Best of luck =D


Why do I believe in the existence of God?


I do so because I look at the traces God has left for me. When you look at ashes, you know there was fire here once. So when I look at clouds, rivers, seas, mountains even oceans. I don’t agree they all came into being from nothing and they were where they are ever since. There is this power, this centre, this supreme existence that controls everything from the so perfect orbits of planets around the Sun to the movement of a leaf as wind blows every morning.

The universe working so efficiently , effectively , benefiting all its living beings is being run without any supervision of any super,central power ? All planets,worlds,skys, all proccesses occuring all by themselves ? 

As per my opinion, everyone challenging the existence of God should know that there is this another part of yours “your spirit” , which is created by your Master (GOD) .So anyone challenging the existence has not yet discovered his other part which knows that God is its creator.

Now atheists give you the argument which actually is a fact, “Is there anywhere mentioned in any of your holy books about the existence of God”

Well No, it’s not. Why? Because in Quran, as per my very less knowledge I can’t refer to any other Book, it is mentioned that God was in conversation of our spirits (those of Muslims,Jews,Hindus,atheists,Christians etc) and He asked them : “Am I your Master? , Am I not you Master ? Do I own you “. And the reply was “Of course, we bear witness, we testify”

Referring to this, it clearly gives you the existence of God.

Food for thought..

The matter of fact is that you never see the consequences that are far away . Not just religion, we can’t wait for the long term happenings, we look for shortcuts all the time.

If we want something to happen we want it right away.This is the human problem of not having enough patience. “Living the moment” , it is a philosophy for people to live. People obey their thirst.

We need to focus of the fact that life is much for then a moment. We need to plan, we need to think, we need to grow up !!!

Just a thought !

ImageAll the responsibilities of a marriage can be summed up in a sentence or two very easily but when it comes to implementation, it takes ages and generations to make things the way they should be.Marriage is about trust right from the very beginning  and I have to say it with immense grief that it the only thing missing now a days.

Not talking from just a perspective confined to a particular religion but generally speaking , to start with , we turn ourselves into something we are not when the “in-laws” are coming over (let it be the guy’s family or the girl’s). Turning our house,our lifestyle,our habits into something we cant manage for the rest of our lives.

Its like a sales industry, a market , where people are being sold by their appearance. It is so not the beginning of a very sacred pure relation which has its foundation in “truth”.

As an example,what I have witnessed is a hype, a cascade of emotions being thrown upon each other right after two people are engaged. The two families are so much engaged in their celebrations,greeting,preparations for the big day. The two people are so caught up in the eye of love , the phone calls and text messages that even if they talk to each other it is a mere empty  fluff conversation.

But logically speaking, there is a lifetime left for these emotions to be carried out, there is much important stuff to be settled first. Whats missing is the “logical talk” , two people should be allowed to have so they are fully aware of each other’s needs and wants before they decide to get marry.But Alas ! in our society two people “usually” see each others face for the very first time at “the big day” .

Secondly I would throw some light upon the behavior of our elders. With all due respect , they “mostly” go with the opinion “marrying our child to a good person would make them good”, not thinking about is the other part ready to take the challenge? Is he/she ready to change his life partner. They find themselves an easier way.They lie.By hiding what their child has been doing ever since and go with bringing a “nice,pretty,doctor” daughter in law for their child who is then forced to live with him .

Now this gives birth to another issue. Divorce. Well divorce , even though not accepted in many cultures and disliked by some , should not be an issue large enough to end someones social life.Not that i am advocating divorces but what the fuss ? . If a girl or a guy is not satisfied with their spouse and cannot give them what they deserve, cannot fulfill their rights and your obligations, they should surely give it a try but finding now way out can surely go for a divorce and remarry. Well that’s debatable depending upon different social values different people hold.

To sum up , marriage is a bound which is way above cultures and society. The more honest you are in the pre marriage period , the more you expose yourself and your values , you priorities is the more you will be satisfied with your post marriage life.

Best of Luck =D