The most awaited iPhone 5 finally launched!

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, the i Phone 5 has finally been released at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center, by CEO Tim Cook. Despite many leaks, fans of the Apple product were ardently awaiting the announcement.

So here comes the new i Phone with more exciting features and dimensions. The new model is made out of glass and aluminum and is the thinnest phone Apple have ever made, at 7.6 mm, and also the lightest, weighing in 120 grams. It’s taller, too, enabling an extra row of apps on the screen, with an overall screen size of 10.2 cm, resulting in a 16 x 9 ratio. ‘Lightening’ is 80 per cent smaller whilst the phone will also be capable of 4G/LTE connectivity with software of the phone being drastically upgraded from the i Phone 4s, included a new chip – the Apple A6 Chip – along with double the CPU and double the graphics capability.

Siri has also had an upgrade, now boasting the ability to launch apps and post Face-book entries by voice.

One of the biggest feature upgrades is with the camera. It’s now branded iSight and, while offering the same 8 mp lens, now has improved HDR and Photo-stream sharing.

Video recording remains at 1080p, while the front-cam is markedly better – 720p.
Face Time being the standout feature. The headline newbie, however, is the panoramic mode that will stitch together a landscape shot in real-time and create an image up to 28 mp in size.

Apple has thankfully upgraded its old earphones to the new Ear Pods, which are a huge step up in design and do sound better.

Apple also launched the new i Pod touch and the Nano, along with a new set of headphones.


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