Don’t take things so seriously

99% of the human beings on this surface are pessimistic by nature. It is filled in them till the top-est lid with such an uneven distribution that the lid can’t be tighten as it’s boiling out of that lid.

Whenever anything happens with people (-anything refers to any mishap or it can be anything, any situation that normally each and every being faces. The difference is just that some people have made things more magnified for themselves by being a pessimist) they, without giving a single chance to their brains to think and without normalizing themselves, directly stretch their mind towards the pessimistic approach. From here, people start taking things or they see even the most simplest things with a complexed eye, with high magnification in other words. Though those things are too normal to handle but just because their mind ain’t willing to think for the positive stuff.

As I’ve mentioned earlier about the two types of people but I haven’t discussed them with elaboration over there so here I am going to explain it briefly. First of all, people who have difficulties in their lives but they deal with problems head on, doing their best to anticipate and prevent them. On the other hand are those who become pessimistic that nothing can get back to normal as it was. Things have changed and much more negative stuff like this.

The second type of people are those who’re left empty handed in the end. They start degrading themselves, they think they are not loved or can never be loved. They think they’ve nothing and they are nothing.


Someone once said:
If you’ll respect yourself, the entire world will respect you. If you won’t, people simply will kick you off..

Be courageous. Just you have to do is change your thinking, a little. You just have to take your mind from negative to positive terminal.

Be positive. respect “me” and the world will be yours!

In the end, adding something worth appreciating and worth sharing composed by a very best friend of me. Beautifully written Shereen. I hope you’ll keep on writing much more stuff like this for me for making my article more captivating and appealing.

Here it comes..!

Dudes and girls, why making life so complicated?
Like someone? Go, tell them (otherwise, someone else will)
Regrets and tears. Oh God why didn’t I hate someone?
Make them realize. Make them suffer, badly..
I know, you can’t be an angel. But don’t be an evil too.. Bit of both.
Can’t get over something? Someone?
Then stick to it. It will be yours one day *pinky promise*
You are devastated inside? Cry out loud!
But don’t let others know about that.
Outside you are the most happiest. Let people envy you.
Heard of the saying “Smile, that’s the best revenge”?
So smile please!
Don’t get disappointed.. You’ll murder your talents *warning!*
Express your anger through words. Don’t explode please!
You ain’t a hydrogen bomb.
Life’s so uncertain.
Eat your dessert first (and for those like me, who only eat dessert, move to the main course)
Dress differently. Give a competition to Lady Gaga.
I know I know life is just like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle..
Surety in one aspect and uncertainty in other. Huff!
But then dude, life knows what are you capable of..
Stop degrading, hurting people..
History repeats itself..
And boys, It’ll only take a few of your ego to love back!
Don’t be a self-centered person.
I know this is one of the dominating trait of Y chromosome.
Make new friends..
It’ll help you live longer.

Hasta la vista guys!