It’s not fair. People claim to know you through the things you’ve done, and not by sitting down and listening to you speak for yourself.

  • Hannah Kent, Burial Rites

Love an ‘Untamed’ force

Love is a phenomenon. Love is difficult to describe, because it takes place beyond the comprehensible and thoughts. Still, you can sense the love in its varied forms of expression, because it is everywhere and all-encompassing. It knows no boundaries. When we are in resonance with it, we are in it. Love is never absent, but rather it is we, who are absent from love, when we feel no love.
Love wants to combine, merge, open limits. Love does not expect, it is not selfish, forgive everything, does not judge, it does not impose, it is without condition, without expectation, without need. Love IS itself!
Love is very powerful, it is divine essence. By her effusion, clubs and fusing, it removes all limits. A big problem is the general understanding about that, what is now meant by “love.” Emotion and emotional attachments are called “love.”

If I had my way, we would need two words for “love”: a word for love in the spiritual sense, and another word for the emotion and attraction between people.

Love is in essence no emotion, much less emotional attachment. Love is the truth and certainty of the older ones in us. The Minor in us, our mind, he asks, because he always forgets again; he makes us emotionally, so we can act emotionally. Who dares to look at this differentiation of love and emotions, which opens up a whole new understanding. The ability to love is for most of us little developed. Therefore done in consideration of “love” so many dramas and there are many misconceptions.

What is usually meant by “love” are often projected needs, desires, fears, expectations, tenure and impulsiveness. But love is not the same like feeling or emotion, but rather love is a state of being! What drives the love of it, are expectations, jealousy, neediness, strife and power struggles. Apply this the Director, the love quietly leaves the room! Love and need are terms that are often lumped together. But neediness drive LOVE away…