2013: The Last Night

And the last night of this year passed!

Everything has an ending. Everything stops. Nothing lasts. People come and leave. Still the life goes on. And so are the years passing and passing away through us same as that of the December evening breeze that just passed.

You experienced a couple of good as well as bad moments in the overall of previous 365 days. Let us have a look;

You were worried because you didn’t get what you wanted. You felt that was just the ending of the world. Still you stood up on your feet gathering all the courage to face every difficulty.

Experienced the most wonderful feeling, wanted that moment not to end. But It did.

Celebrated your Birthday.

Took wrong steps at certain moments and regretted them.

You were weak, timid.

Blunt at times.

Shy as well.

You broke up.






Missed your Grandpa.

Had no dinner because your Mom didn’t allowed you to go out for a hangout.

Experienced the worst feeling ever.

You were jealous at a time.

Been a walking dead.

Made your friend smile.

You were hopeless.


Suffered hard.

Been a schizophrenic.

Most of your nights were sleepless.

You were depressed.

A psychic at moments.

Anxiety was filled-in you to its extremes.

Had a terrible road accident.

A close friend became a stranger.

Saw your parents smiling because of you.

Made wrong decisions.

Chose the left path.

You wished your Mom a very Happy Birthday.

Took risk.

Had an adventurous day ever.

Cheated in exams and got good grades.

Cheated in exams but still failed.

Teased your younger sibling.

Made your father a cup of Coffee.

You hated.

You loved.

Wanted to be loved.
And a lot more OF-COURSE!

But see, you are here. You saw the last sun set of this year and that is enough to conclude the entire trauma.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day. A new sun will rise; the sun of hope.¬†May it brings the peaceful shine for everybody out there. For every single living being.¬†Another stop across the life’s journey.