It’s both a burden and a blessing to feel everything as deeply as I do.

– Anonymous


2013: The Last Night

And the last night of this year passed!

Everything has an ending. Everything stops. Nothing lasts. People come and leave. Still the life goes on. And so are the years passing and passing away through us same as that of the December evening breeze that just passed.

You experienced a couple of good as well as bad moments in the overall of previous 365 days. Let us have a look;

You were worried because you didn’t get what you wanted. You felt that was just the ending of the world. Still you stood up on your feet gathering all the courage to face every difficulty.

Experienced the most wonderful feeling, wanted that moment not to end. But It did.

Celebrated your Birthday.

Took wrong steps at certain moments and regretted them.

You were weak, timid.

Blunt at times.

Shy as well.

You broke up.






Missed your Grandpa.

Had no dinner because your Mom didn’t allowed you to go out for a hangout.

Experienced the worst feeling ever.

You were jealous at a time.

Been a walking dead.

Made your friend smile.

You were hopeless.


Suffered hard.

Been a schizophrenic.

Most of your nights were sleepless.

You were depressed.

A psychic at moments.

Anxiety was filled-in you to its extremes.

Had a terrible road accident.

A close friend became a stranger.

Saw your parents smiling because of you.

Made wrong decisions.

Chose the left path.

You wished your Mom a very Happy Birthday.

Took risk.

Had an adventurous day ever.

Cheated in exams and got good grades.

Cheated in exams but still failed.

Teased your younger sibling.

Made your father a cup of Coffee.

You hated.

You loved.

Wanted to be loved.
And a lot more OF-COURSE!

But see, you are here. You saw the last sun set of this year and that is enough to conclude the entire trauma.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day. A new sun will rise; the sun of hope. May it brings the peaceful shine for everybody out there. For every single living being. Another stop across the life’s journey.



Women Who Inspire – Sohaila Abdulali

“After being raped, I was wounded; My honour was not: Sohaila Abdulali

“When I fought to live that night, I hardly knew what I was fighting for. A male friend and I had gone for a walk up a mountain near my home. Four armed men caught us and made us climb to a secluded spot, where they raped me for several hours, and beat both of us. They argued among themselves about whether or not to kill us, and finally let us go.

At 17, I was just a child. Life rewarded me richly for surviving. I stumbled home, wounded and traumatized, to a fabulous family. With them on my side, so much came my way. I found true love. I wrote books. I saw a kangaroo in the wild. I caught buses and missed trains. I had a shining child. The century changed. My first gray hair appeared.

Too many others will never experience that. They will not see that it gets better, that the day comes when one incident is no longer the central focus of your life. One day you find you are no longer looking behind you, expecting every group of men to attack. One day you wind a scarf around your throat without having a flashback to being choked. One day you are not frightened anymore.

Rape is horrible. But it is not horrible for all the reasons that have been drilled into the heads of Indian women. It is horrible because you are violated, you are scared, someone else takes control of your body and hurts you in the most intimate way. It is not horrible because you lose your “virtue.” It is not horrible because your father and your brother are dishonored. I reject the notion that my virtue is located in my vagina, just as I reject the notion that men’s brains are in their genitals.

If we take honor out of the equation, rape will still be horrible, but it will be a personal, and not a societal, horror. We will be able to give women who have been assaulted what they truly need: not a load of rubbish about how they should feel guilty or ashamed, but empathy for going through a terrible trauma.

The week after I was attacked, I heard the story of a woman who was raped in a nearby suburb. She came home, went into the kitchen, set herself on fire and died. The person who told me the story was full of admiration for her selflessness in preserving her husband’s honor. Thanks to my parents, I never did understand this.

The law has to provide real penalties for rapists and protection for victims, but only families and communities can provide this empathy and support. How will a teenager participate in the prosecution of her rapist if her family isn’t behind her? How will a wife charge her assailant if her husband thinks the attack was more of an affront to him than a violation of her?

At 17, I thought the scariest thing that could happen in my life was being hurt and humiliated in such a painful way. At 49, I know I was wrong: the scariest thing is imagining my 11-year-old child being hurt and humiliated. Not because of my family’s honor, but because she trusts the world and it is infinitely painful to think of her losing that trust. When I look back, it is not the 17-year-old me I want to comfort, but my parents. They had the job of picking up the pieces.

This is where our work lies, with those of us who are raising the next generation. It lies in teaching our sons and daughters to become liberated, respectful adults who know that men who hurt women are making a choice, and will be punished.

When I was 17, I could not have imagined thousands of people marching against rape in India, as we have seen these past few weeks. And yet there is still work to be done. We have spent generations constructing elaborate systems of patriarchy, caste and social and sexual inequality that allow abuse to flourish. But rape is not inevitable, like the weather. We need to shelve all the gibberish about honor and virtue and did-she-lead-him-on and could-he-help-himself. We need to put responsibility where it lies: on men who violate women, and on all of us who let them get away with it while we point accusing fingers at their victims.”

– Sohaila Abdulali.”

Your dream will come true

Your dream will come true

When you least expect it,

Faith will hold you up,

When all you want to do is cry,

Love will flow through,

Drenching every part,

Of your being,

Your heart,

Your soul,

The depth of your emotions,

The depth of your dreams,

The depth of every fiber,

Of everything,

Your dream will come true,

When you least expect it,

When you are not looking,

Or paying attention,

It will be part of the depth,

Of the moment that comes,

When everything seems to align,

In a perfect way,

When your heart skips a beat,

When joy over takes your very soul,

When laughter is within your eyes,

And nothing else can even compare,

To that moment,

To the time where everything slows down,

To where you can see clearer,

Than you could ever before,

Than you could ever imagine,

Than you could ever believe,

Your dream will come true,

When you least expect it,

When nothing else seems to go right,

When the hardship seems to never end,

The bright light will shine,

The bright sun will warm the depth,

Of the very corners of your heart,

Bringing back the faith,

Bringing back the hope,

Bringing back that moment,

Of true love,




Giving that freedom of love,

To come to you again,

Your dream will come true,

When you least expect it,

Don’t lose out the hope,

Don’t lose out the faith,

Don’t lose out the dreams,

Don’t lose out the belief,

That it is still there in your heart,


And soul,

That all it takes is a moment,

To bring it forth again,

And to make that dream,

That deepest desire,


True forever more.

A Dream

Sometimes dreams are consciously or unconsciously  related to our daily life. Like, they are sometimes the ‘visions‘ of the future. Or simply I can say, some dreams are the real image of whats going to happen in the coming days or moments. Yes this article’s  for those who don’t believe in the fact that dreams are realistic and are meaningful as well.

People who are aware of the realism of dreams when go through the dream cycle, they become afraid of ‘what’s going to happen?’. The fear of which takes them out of their minds sporadically.

On the other hand, dreams are the positive signs shown by God to few people whom HE want to be on the right path for some reason (- reason unknown to me). HE guides them through the dreams. But it, on-a-whole, depends on the dreamer that how he/she interprets it.

About a month back, I dreamed weirdly. When my eyes opened, my mouth was dried like I’ve been yelling from a long time. I walked to the window of my room and stood there paralyzed with fear. In the mean time I got flashbacks, of the dream I just saw, in my mind.

I saw….

I’m walking bare-footed in the deserty sand in search of a glass of water. Nothing is clearly visible to my eyes as they are filled with dusty tears. My ears are not able to hear anything because of my own squawks. I have a severe throat-ache. I am yelling. Totally isolated. No one’s there to stabilize the condition I am in. I am running here and there hyperly from the top of the mountainous deserty slopes down into the v-curves. Have fallen out. There’s a desperate desire for only a single drop of fresh liquid. Instantly, my eyes met with a fresh water pond at walking distance. An inverted rainbow appeared on my face but it vanished when I got an idea that my body is immovable; is not able to move even an inch. In the end, I am lying down, covered with sand , mouth still open, eyes still on the pond, hoping that God is the one who strengthens man and , no doubt, every being HE created. HE surely will provide me with the strength to reach the pond..

The word ‘not now‘ exists in God’s dictionary but there’s no ‘never‘!

Be righteous! Stick to your aim! God surely will help you!

Ayaat from Surah no. 94:

“Surely after hardship there is ease. After hardship indeed there is ease.”