Nothing but PEACE


 Present situation of Pakistan is the worst condition a country ever falls in.
Nawaz – IK – TUQ; we want nothing but peace!



Violence Against Women

I was watching tv and suddenly there comes a breaking news that in Faisalabad city a husband burned his wife by putting a kerosene oil on her just because the wife asked money for the monthly expenses of home and his husband had spent all his earned money on buying drugs,cigarettes and on playing cards so he did not have an even single penny left for spending on daily home expenses and he found the solution of this problem as to put his wife to death.So, this is the story which is very shocking to me and I think for everyone.

This is not a single story but a huge no.of happenings of this kind are daily occurring in our society.As we are living a life in a under-developed country where most of the people belong to a poor class and are illetrate.People are so much frustrated that they just want to escape from the harsh situations and thus commit suicides,murder people,attempt acid attacks,honour killing and killing of a women.

In most of the rural areas men still don’t want to listen that they are blessed with a baby girl How cruel?We say that we are modern people but ponder a little our modernity teaches us this that kill your baby if it’s a baby girl and make festivities if the baby is a boy. We also proudly say that we are muslims and follow the sunnah and Quran but have we ever thought that our Quran teaches us to respect women and give them their due rights. It very clearly proves that what we say are totally opposite to our actions.Because instead of giving them their due rights men try to snatch their rights and the example is in front of us that is killing of a living baby girl for the sole reason that she is born a girl.No one is allowed to kill anyone.No one has a right to take away the right of a life from others because it is the most fundamental and basic right of every human being existing in this world.