No one cares!

I am sad, not only today but, from a couple of months.

It’s been a long since any one from six of you (authors at this blog) have written anything here.
You’ve all abandoned a new born.. *cries a river*

cute baby pics cute baby crying free background desktop cool cute baby crying

It’s like I’m dead!
Revive please!
Let the words bleed!
Make me productive!


1 Comment

  1. Dear Amara,

    You have been the most active writer and it makes me so happy to see that some one actually cares about this blog.

    Ali Arshad and I started this blog out of passion for writing in our free time. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much of that lately. We are planning to move the blog on a domain and then continue writing.

    Thank you for your concern 🙂


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