What’s your Wi-Fi password?

Sad but true.

Nida I Zamir

“Paraye qareeb ho gaye hain aur qareeb paraye ho gaye hain” (The far away ones have come closer and the closer ones have drifted apart).

These words struck me pretty hard when I heard my aunt talk in regard of technology one day.

Granted, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, and Facebook have brought our friends and family nearer to each other when we are sitting miles apart. An aunt in Kuwait whom I got to talk to once a year is now just seconds away from sending a picture of what she bought for evening tea.

We can talk to people all day long; you know when they are eating, what they are eating, where they are going, and what not. You believe that their time is dedicated to you wholly, and when you actually meet that person physically, you expect the same out of him/her.

What you don’t expect is…

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