Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are

I stood in the middle, watching as the winds of change tore through my life,as it all came to me and feeling the wind rush through my hair I realized life is too short to spend it following someone else s footsteps. Since childhood I was conditioned to act in certain ways to be accepted . i was forced to copy someone I was not. This was the beginning of my loss of authenticity.

We all need to recondition our beliefs by discovering what is really true for us . There is nothing wrong with adapting practices of someone you idealize but the should be inculcated in a way that enhances “Your” allure.

36816413 minutes , 840 months , 70 years . The average life expectancy. One of these days we’r going to be incapable of making a difference that is when we’ll regret trying to be someone we were not .

We always question will we be accepted for what we are ? we are afraid to fail , afraid to be recognized , overcome by the fear of not being able to achieve great things.

Even if not everyone has realized it , you make a positive difference in the world. You want yourself to be recognized , stop trying to be someone else and that is how winners are made.

I am who I am and God has blessed me the way I am. Accepting this gives you the confidence to take on the world and dare to dream and dream big, and to achieve those dreams. Dare to push yourself beyond the limits, discover what you are capable of and make it happen, don’t waste your life being someone you are not.

“To be beautiful means to be your authentic self “


Your take on this ?

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