Three kinds of things one can say..

“It’s hot!” I said and instantly knew that I had made a mistake.

Shuntoo didn’t respond, not even a change of expression. But I knew he had heard me. It was just that, for Shuntoo such a statement was probably stupid; stating the obvious and what-not. After a while, I just couldn’t resist.

“What’s so silly about saying it’s hot?”

Shuntoo looked up from the book he was staring at, and slightly smiled. “I didn’t say there was anything stupid about it.”

“I know but that’s what you were thinking.” I insisted.

“O bacchay!” he laughed now annoying me further. “I guess you realized it yourself that it was a useless thing to say, you don’t have to blame it on me. It’s good that you realized it yourself. Self-awareness is the sign of a working mind.”

“Yes yes whatever,” I said. “But what is so stupid about it?”

“I never said it was stupid. It was useless.”


Finally he closed the book with a finger inside it on the page he was looking at and said “To me, there are only three kinds of things one can say. Those that raise questions, those that answer questions, and those that are useless.”


“No need to pressure your mind so much bacchay, all of us spend our whole lives saying useless things, no need to worry, it’s just what an average human does.”

“But….” I started but he was back at his book again and I thought best to stop.


Your take on this ?

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