A Very Good Conclusion To A ‘Sunni-Shia’ Debate

So today I decided to read a 1.6K+ comments long Sunni-Shia debate on Khurram Zaki’s wall instead of reading what I just started reading today: Kiran Desai’s ‘The Inheritance of Loss’, and I don’t regret it but I do have few things to say before jotting down my conclusion on that very debate.

Few things that I was indoctrinated with in my childhood:
1) Shias killed Imam Hussein,
2) Shias have their own Quran,
3) Shias pray only two times a day,
4) Shias practice incest,
5) You can eat in one plate with a Christian but with a Shia? No way!
And other stupid stuff.

Took me years to get rid of this indoctrination. How? I was blessed enough to study in a boarding school where Sunnis, Shias, Ahmadi, all shared one common hall of prayers. And I was blessed enough not only to read ‘5’ prayers standing next to Shias but also learn about their school of thought directly from them. Believe me or not, I don’t give a duck, but yeah I’ve seen them read the same Quran and offer prayers 5 times a day. And although I didn’t get a chance to share a plate, mess manners they call it, but we did eat together for 5 odd years. Why am I telling you all this? B/c very very few are blessed enough to see the truth for themselves. The remainder keeps the hatred preserved until it is transferred down to the next generation, and in some cases this hatred is mobilised in the wrong direction by the wrong people for the wrong reasons? Result? Hazara killings, Parachinar blasts, etc (etc being stuff the we can’t recall, shame on us!)

My conclusion: Most Sunnis lack reasoning and as a consequence easily get frustrated leading to either verbal or physical abuse.

Once a lady, which I consider my wee sister although she is elder in age, asked me: “Nauman, are you a Shia?”
I never replied but now I feel like, and here’s my reply: “For me, in the words of Carl Sagan, every human is precious, because not in a billion, lets say trillion, galaxies would I find another. And Salman Rushdie is no exception. I make no exceptions!”

Nauman Umair



  1. First of all , a great post ! And secondly yes most of the people don’t study the lives of Shias and they have their minds built on false theories heard from other people. There are catagories in Shias too as In sunnis. Some are bad, some are good. We leave this on Allah, if shias are Muslims or not but I have seen them practising Islam like normal Sunnis. So despite of noticing their lives, we should first line up out thoughts and look inside ourselves ! Love your thoughts !

  2. Salaam Brother,

    Brother don’t get duped by the Taqqiya(concealing of faith and lying) of the shias. Brother if you want to judge shiaism then go to their main texts their main books of Hadiths and Tafseer.

    Their belief in Imamat making it reduce the importance of Mansab of Nabuwwat. They believe Imams are sinless and they are greater than all Prophets except Prophet Muhammad Saws , for they are equal to Prophet saws. They have certain polythiestic practices in whcih they call out to Imam Ali r.a and other Imams and Bibi Fatima s.a for Imdad not int he manner permitted in Shariah but just like christians do.

    If you do not believe me there is every shia household which has Wazaifel Abrar and in this read Dua e Tawassul and their believing in an hidden Imam.

    Brother in their books which are full fo curses on Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq r.a, Umar Fraooq r.a, Bibi Ayesha r.a and many other Sahabas r.a. In Wazef eL aBRAR THEY HAVE A DUA CALLED Sanam e Quraish in whcih they hurl curses at Abu Bakr and Umar R.anhuma.

    Their Imam khoemin called Sayyidna Farooq e Azam as Zindeeq. As for Tahreef well there are many shia ulema who believe in tahreef like Tabrasi and in their view if someone believes in tahreef e Quran he is not a Kafir.

    They have always harmed Islam by helping the Kuffar. In Tatar invasion they helped the tatars by Ibn Alqami rafizi and wthey had grudge against Salahuddin Ayubi and heped the christians against Muslim Mujahideen.

    Brother shias are are pure Muslims they are from misguided people. For they say Majority of Shaba r.a became Murtad after the passing away of Prophet Sallalhu Alayhi Wasalam.

    Don’t they know that the Quran we have in our hands is from the efforts of these very Sahaba whom these wretched people curse.

    May Allah punish the Rawafidh.

    They have famous Ziyarat e Ashura in which they say 100 times each curse on Awwal and Saani. Awwal is Siddiq e Akbar r.a

    Brother they do taqqiyah. They have Mutah marriages which they made like prostituion. You will rarely find a hafiz e Quran in Shia, you will find them averse to practising Sunnah. They have eneity with Sunnah.

    Brother do go through what i said. No true Muslim will agree to shia beliefs.

    They believe Imamah is usul e Deen and 12 Imams are made Imams by Allah . Whereas Allah’s pleasure is with what Muhajirun and Ansaar had consensus upon.

    Brother how many times Allah praises the Muhajirun and Ansaar in Quran. Thse Rawafidh curse the Awwalen Muhajirun.

  3. As for their harming Sayyidina Imam Hussain r.a then its proed from books of bhoth shia and Sunni that it were the shias of Kufa who sent thousands of letters to Imam Hussain a.s and when these very shias were threatened by ibn ziyad they hid in their homes and left the Imam alone and many in the army who fought Imam Hussain were the shias who had sent letters ot the Imam. They were lured in by the money and Dunya.

    Curse of Allah be upon the killers of Ahle Bayt and Sahaba r.anhuma Ajmaeen.

    Brother we are told to abstain from Ahle bidah even in Ahadith. The shias make it a habbit of always combining the prayer whereas even as per shia books Imam Ali r.a prayed and called to pray Allah five times a day.

  4. Sister white pearl i guess you did not read my comments.How can we love those who abuse those whom Allah praised in the Quran and who were close associates of Prophet Saws. We are muslims only because of the Sahaba’s spreading Islam and if we lay a finger at them then this goes to the Deen. So this is a heresy of the shia.

    Good muslims well they really have aversion to Sunnah, love for kuffar and hatred towards Muslims and specially Arabs.

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