Along the sea..


Walking along the sea, watching the cliffs, rubbing the toes in the sand and shells one after the other. Knowing it’s too hard to find the end but still – within – there dwells a desire (or if it’s curiosity) of finding out an answer to the question ‘where-would-be-the-end-of-this-sea?’

With every step been taken, realizing, these feet ain’t just to carry load of the entire body and this body ain’t just the bones carrying the overall load. Because living cells come and go and are generally out of control. There are some forbidden reasons behind. Of such a beautiful creation created by the Master creator.

These feet are to walk along the path of positivity. But still they run in the circular paths sometimes zig-zags and sometimes the hurdled ones and there can be obstacles in that path too. The setting sun is ahead. It has been from dawn till dusk. But seems like it’s still there where started. The same sand, the sea-shells, the sea-rocks and the star fish. Even the sea and the seaside is the same. After walking miles of miles, still everything’s same.

Because there’s no end.
Because it’s beyond..


Your take on this ?

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