When you stop praying..

What happens when you stop praying?  Seriously, have you ever thought about this?clip_image002_thumb

Most of the people – even drowning in sadness, worries – don’t bother to think about this.
Think, at least once so that you may realize the consequences..

When you stop praying..

You begin to feel weaker and weaker in your faith.

May feel as though you have no control, and you may not.

Begin to find yourself in pain every time.

Feel shattered.

Re-appearance of wounds.

Faith starts fading.

Endurance starts vanishing.

You start loosing yourself. What you were, and what you were supposed to be.

And yes when you stop praying, you – more precisely – loose everything! And are left empty-handed. With no feeling of fingers attached even.

If your problems haven’t stopped, neither should our prayers. Pray when life is rough and don’t forget to pray when life gets great. Because He hears you and He is working it out for your good.


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