Life is hard !!!

Life is tough, when you stand up you’re going to be shot back down. When you are down, you’re going to be stepped on.

Success is defined as getting up one more time than you’ve been knocked down. You fall, you stumble, you get pushed, you land square on your face. But every time that happens you get back on your feet.

You fail more often then you win. It’s up to you to puff up your chest. Stretch your neck and face the difficulties coming your way. You want more than you have now. Prove it!! Get out there and earn it. Once you know what it is that you want than don’t stop pushing forward until you get there and that is how winners are made.

Get out there, Run faster, Dream bigger, and live better than you ever have before.

We have among ourselves a winner today. Who rested his faith in God and faces everything that came his way. His life is an open book. Shouldering the responsibility of a better tomorrow. Murtaza Ahmad, a student of BS CS met an accident a time ago was physically challenged. He has been continuing his studies. Coming to the universities and living a very normal social life.

With an ever smiley face, I have always found him happy, talking to people, interacting, studying, motivated, determined. He being a source of inspiration for many others has his own very perspective of life.


What challenges do you face being a part of the society?

In a country like Pakistan I face a lot of challenges in my everyday activities. In our country we have total lack of disabled sensitive facilities, infrastructure is not supportive and one cannot find a wheelchair facilitative environment in any institute or recreational places. So if you are disable-by any mean- you are dependent on others for all your daily living activities. As far as people are concerned they are very helpful but not trained, they don’t know what to do or how to help you.

Positive or negative feedback

Almost all people whom I met always try to encourage me to do something either in studies, in earning or any other aspect of life and not to stay at home because of my disability. This is always very encouraging for me and that is why I am currently student of bachelor studies in university.

Also, at times I have to absorb negative comments and it is too a part of life particularly when you are living dependent life. Many times you suffer with inferiority complexes in your daily activities when you have to engage someone else to help you and be dependent on them.

How do you think God compensates you?

What I believe is when God takes one thing from you he gives you many other things as its compensation. Like I feel after my disability I have become mentally very strong and I can bear any difficulty that comes my way, my life became more stable, and I am now more focused on what am doing. I found a reason to live. 

Did at any point in your life, you think of quitting everything you are doing?

It’s always very hard to live life with so many difficulties, and there are moments when I am upset of been disabled or the inability to do anything freely. But I came across a conscious decision to live positively , be optimistic, thank God for what I have and I think I made a good decision to continue my studies as a normal person.

What was the one thing that encouraged you to keep working?

There are multiple factors which keep encouraging me to lead a normal life. I guess support of my family play key role in my life.

A message you would like to give.

What I experienced in my life is that if a person is determined and focused in his ambitions there is no way any type of hurdle could stop you from achieving your goals. So I just want to say that whatever situation you are in or whatever difficulties you are facing, just be positive, work hard and believe in yourself- one day you will definitely achieve your goals. More over just believe and trust in Almighty ALLAH, He will never ever let you fall down.

“The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long”


Your take on this ?

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