Don’t be a litterbug

our-earth-our-habit-1302834784Asking a very simple question:

Have you ever thought or imagine of your home to be filled with litter or to be filthy?

The answer of 90 percent people on this surface will be,
“NO! How can you just think of asking such question? Ofcourse not!”

But what if I substitute your present home to the entire home that is THE EARTH. The acyual home of yours, if you realize.
Yes! It wouldn’t be wrong enough if I say that we are all confined to just the boundaries of our homes in which we live. But we never realize and think about WHERE we live, about the surface on  which our homes are located. Our own surroundings.

Every single being including me, frankly, litter on the earth. In trying to keep our homes clean, we through the trash outside without thinking how much harm it may cause.

Litter trashes the environment. It is an eyesore that pollutes the earth and costs a fortune to clean up. Once the trash gets free, wind and water move it from outside of the home to the streets and highways to paarks and the waterways. A study reveals that 18 percent of the litter ends up in the rivers, streams and oceans.

Think for just a minute!
The water that you drink comes from these only main sources that are litter-filled. You’ll for sure feel something in your throat and you’ll for sure think:
“Am I drinking that water?”
At the very moment you’ll just want to take the water out of your stomach from the esophagus through your mouth onto the floor.

But think for the solution instead of doing such act as it will not help. Think for what you can do on your part. Start working on it. Doing your part to keep litter to a minimum is easy, but it takes vigilance. For starters, never let the trash escape from your car, and make sure to properly tighten the garbage bins in your homes and always remember to take the garbage with you upon leaving a park or any other public place and put it in its right place.

Never blame the entire society for been littering and making the environment unhealthy to live in. Firstly look at yourself. Are you doing your part?
this single line will solve everything! Believe me!

The healthier the environment, the healthier will be you!


Your take on this ?

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