Let Go!!

Sometimes its not hard to let go,whats hard is it start over. Every relationship we come across in or entire life requires to let go one time or another.


It is surely a hard thing to do , as it may mean to us as everything falling apart, we may feel weak but somwhere deep inside we know it is the right thing to be done. Your heart may be nothing but a million pieces forming basis for a million regrets . Somethings we need to focus on to make the phase go easy on us.

1)Forgive Yourself

2) Dont think about any hard time as lost

3) Reconnect with who you are outside a relationship

4)Discover Yourself

5) Cry for once and get over it rathar than not crying and hiding .

6) Know the benefits of moving on.

How is it ?

Leaving,ending and starting over is painful,terrifying and scary. But we need to hang on to it long enough.Whether it’s a romance, a friendship, or even family relationship, sometimes you have to take a hard look and make a hard choice.

What do we do ? 

Stick to it long enough and never to turn back. 

Would I do it again?

You bet !!

Letting go of stuff,leaving people,ending relationships does not mean we close that very side of our heart. It just means the choices we made were wrong . The people we cared for did’nt deserve it . We just need time. 


Your take on this ?

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