A confusion !!


As an army official says:

“Whenever i kill a militant , or he gets shot he calls out for Allah’s acceptance before dying (Or embracing shadah as they may say) I feel confised.Even though I know they are wrong, even though i know what I am fighting against , even though I know what they do every second day is nothing but a massaccre. They kill innocent children , they kill women who stand up for their right to vote,study,be educated. THey kill men who donot have beards. But while dying they scream out and declare “I testify God is one and Muhammad is His Last Prophet” . Their voice haunts me every single night i try to sleep. I know they do wrong , they are wrong. Not that I feel any guilt or I feel pitty for them . Its just that I fight in the name of Islam,they spread terrorism in the name of Islam , its just easy to say confusing to face.

Identity of the official to be kept private.


Your take on this ?

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