Love at first sight



Well talking about that what i always got from my grand parents and parents is the “fact” that love at first sight does not exist.(not actually, just going with the flow) . It is often termed as “Teenage crushes being thought of as love”. Well No, Love at first sight is a simple rathar scientific phenomenon.

We all grew up watching those fairy tale movies (accept it guys) and reading those “happily ever after” books where the perfect tall handsome prince finds the beautiful princess from a land far far away. Watching all this our subconsious developes this image of an ideal guy//girl . Whom when we see in reality , our mind triggers us and we may actually face the phenomenon of love at first sight which now looks quite logical to exist.

People who have a more looks oriented subconscious image may fall in love real soon as  compared to those who prefer personality over looks.

Just an irrelavent thought : Once you have distinguished the one you love from all your crushes. Dont wait for the right time, for it may never come. Say the golden words before its too late.

Best of luck =D




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