The Second Mind

Do you know humans have two minds in actual, functioning at the same time?


Though scientifically it is said that by nature a person is gifted with only a single mind but philosophically there is another as well..

When you are thinking specifically about a thing (it can be anything!), there are thousands of things going side by side in your mind. For example you are listening to your most favourite rock song in a pleasent mood. In general all your attention should be there in the track but a million of other stressing thoughts are gallopping in your mind because of which your attention is diverted. From a perfectly fine mood, you are taken to the distressed stuff.

What caused it? What was there?

A simple answer: THE SECOND MIND!
Which thinks beyound your control!
It keeps on humming all the time at the back of your mind.

You would have noticed that everytime you are going to be happy, your smile is vanished. You are left quiet, static, numb. Or you cannot just concentrate.

It is the second mind that causes it. All the mishaps arise because of the activness of it. Confusions arise. You remain confused all the time. Tangled. Cannot make your own bold decisions just because the second mind prohibit600px-Moire_Circles_svgs you..

It yells somewhere at the back:
‘I have control over you!
You cannot go for anything untill I leave you.
And I will leave you only if ‘YOU’ want!’

To get rid of it, you should be clear, should have a clear vision.
When you feel like it is getting active, don’t focus. Try to concentrate on the things going on around you. Focus them!
Don’t give it a single chance to command over you.

Be patient, and listen to everything your second mind has to say. Don’t respond. Don’t argue. It will get tired. And in return you will find peace. Contentment.


Your take on this ?

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