Why do I believe in the existence of God?


I do so because I look at the traces God has left for me. When you look at ashes, you know there was fire here once. So when I look at clouds, rivers, seas, mountains even oceans. I don’t agree they all came into being from nothing and they were where they are ever since. There is this power, this centre, this supreme existence that controls everything from the so perfect orbits of planets around the Sun to the movement of a leaf as wind blows every morning.

The universe working so efficiently , effectively , benefiting all its living beings is being run without any supervision of any super,central power ? All planets,worlds,skys, all proccesses occuring all by themselves ? 

As per my opinion, everyone challenging the existence of God should know that there is this another part of yours “your spirit” , which is created by your Master (GOD) .So anyone challenging the existence has not yet discovered his other part which knows that God is its creator.

Now atheists give you the argument which actually is a fact, “Is there anywhere mentioned in any of your holy books about the existence of God”

Well No, it’s not. Why? Because in Quran, as per my very less knowledge I can’t refer to any other Book, it is mentioned that God was in conversation of our spirits (those of Muslims,Jews,Hindus,atheists,Christians etc) and He asked them : “Am I your Master? , Am I not you Master ? Do I own you “. And the reply was “Of course, we bear witness, we testify”

Referring to this, it clearly gives you the existence of God.


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