Just a thought !

ImageAll the responsibilities of a marriage can be summed up in a sentence or two very easily but when it comes to implementation, it takes ages and generations to make things the way they should be.Marriage is about trust right from the very beginning  and I have to say it with immense grief that it the only thing missing now a days.

Not talking from just a perspective confined to a particular religion but generally speaking , to start with , we turn ourselves into something we are not when the “in-laws” are coming over (let it be the guy’s family or the girl’s). Turning our house,our lifestyle,our habits into something we cant manage for the rest of our lives.

Its like a sales industry, a market , where people are being sold by their appearance. It is so not the beginning of a very sacred pure relation which has its foundation in “truth”.

As an example,what I have witnessed is a hype, a cascade of emotions being thrown upon each other right after two people are engaged. The two families are so much engaged in their celebrations,greeting,preparations for the big day. The two people are so caught up in the eye of love , the phone calls and text messages that even if they talk to each other it is a mere empty  fluff conversation.

But logically speaking, there is a lifetime left for these emotions to be carried out, there is much important stuff to be settled first. Whats missing is the “logical talk” , two people should be allowed to have so they are fully aware of each other’s needs and wants before they decide to get marry.But Alas ! in our society two people “usually” see each others face for the very first time at “the big day” .

Secondly I would throw some light upon the behavior of our elders. With all due respect , they “mostly” go with the opinion “marrying our child to a good person would make them good”, not thinking about is the other part ready to take the challenge? Is he/she ready to change his life partner. They find themselves an easier way.They lie.By hiding what their child has been doing ever since and go with bringing a “nice,pretty,doctor” daughter in law for their child who is then forced to live with him .

Now this gives birth to another issue. Divorce. Well divorce , even though not accepted in many cultures and disliked by some , should not be an issue large enough to end someones social life.Not that i am advocating divorces but what the fuss ? . If a girl or a guy is not satisfied with their spouse and cannot give them what they deserve, cannot fulfill their rights and your obligations, they should surely give it a try but finding now way out can surely go for a divorce and remarry. Well that’s debatable depending upon different social values different people hold.

To sum up , marriage is a bound which is way above cultures and society. The more honest you are in the pre marriage period , the more you expose yourself and your values , you priorities is the more you will be satisfied with your post marriage life.

Best of Luck =D


Your take on this ?

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