A letter : Have Mercy on us Altaf bhai

Altaf Hussain's Poitical DroneDear Mr Altaf Hussain (aka Altaf bhai),

I hope this post finds you in best of your health. I thought unlike millions of ordinary Pakistani who hate you, your singing skills and of course mafia like control of Karachi city from core of their hearts – I should actually try doing something constructive.

Please here find a small Pakistan 101 lesson for yourself. For your convenience I have decided to go in a numbered list format, since that is proven to be much more effective and even easier to remember in future:

  • Pakistan and India gained independence in 1947 from United Kingdom.
  • Both the countries were granted this freedom under the status of Dominion.
  • Dominion means that whoever held the crown in London was to be taken as Sovereign of the new formed political territories.
  • All the citizens of the Pakistan and India were Indian Citizens before that, who technically paid their allegiance to the British Crown.
  • India by formulating a Constitution left the Dominion status in 1950, whereas Pakistan in 1956.
  • Therefore again “technically” before 1950 every Indian was paying allegiance to the British Crown and every Pakistani till 1956.

Now as per your point about Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s allegiance to the British Crown, my dear Bhai that was really nothing as you are trying to imply. If seriously this was your “Political Drone” you were talking about and this is what you thought is some highly intellectual discourse you wanted to stir – I really cannot understand the people who follow you at all!

Given that we allow people like you to control a megapolis thousands of miles away and other pedigree politicians run the country as if it is their fiefdom says a lot about what is wrong with Pakistan.

Please have mercy on the people Bhai, and just enjoy those Kebabs from the Sulamaneh Restaurant on the Edgware Road (can’t recommend it high enough).

If you have no clue what this is all about read :

Altaf Hussain says: Quaid-e-Azam took oath of allegiance to King George VI



Your take on this ?

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