Betrayal: When Everything Falls Apart

What does forever mean to you?
When you couldn’t even keep it true
You said were you’d forever be there
But were those just words pulled from thin air?
Did you actually love me?
Did ……….

It’s human nature when we love or care deeply about something we are exposed to the door of betrayal. Is love perilous to your health? Relationships are never easy and they never provide a promise of safety, no matter how much we assume it to be joyful –it’s just in the early stages. After going through this the heart loses its basic essence ‘to love’. Betrayal restricts us from stretching and growing; being hurt values nothing more than a mere experience.

Betrayal drops us down to our needs and we start believing that trusting someone will bring nothing more than misery. People shield themselves in destructive ways withholding intimacy, manipulating partners and judging everyone they meet. Love is lost.

No one is resistant. After being hurt in our marriage, our business, our friendships or our relationships, we can’t really emerge from the pain and reclaim our lives, the way they were before. It takes years to establish trust and a mere moment to shatter it. Trust without any doubt is the most essential element but once lost hardest to recover.

Our reactions to betrayal are subtle, similar to reactions to death. Reactions may vary from Shame and self-blame, anger, shock and denial, vengeance, jealousy, or sometimes seeking refuge in interpretations and judgments. These reactions are natural and justified to every extent. People get stuck in hate and hate allows them to avoid feeling pain, their anger becomes their shield.

Betrayal leaves many lives ruined in its path. It changes everything. Relationships can never be the way they were before. The damage done is absolute beyond repair. Wounds run deep, rot every second. Trust is lost. Anger persists. Self-protective walls erect. It leaves us with many questions

  • Will our trust be ever restored?
  • Will these wounds heal?
  • Will the anger cease to exist?
  • Can hearts be mended?
  • And most importantly “Will the pain go away?”

Answers unknown….

People change, relationships change, memories change – ‘Betrayal Lasts’


Your take on this ?

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