Come, my eyes long for you

Very discreetly, I let myself go,

Whilst burning in the secret of our love,

Tired of holding onto a silent past,

I yearn in the depth of your desire,

Diluted images of your presence,

Wither away in the salty night,

Strumming through my priceless memories,

Let me breathe in what I languish,

Blend you with the piquancy of my love,

Gone are days when I welcomed joy with open arms,

I have grown weary of this torment,

I cry out for you, I am devoted to you!


Akhiyaan udeek diyaan, dil vaaja maarda,

My eyes are longing to see you, my heart pines for you,

Aaja pardesiya vaasta eh pyaar da, 

Come out lander, I plead for the sake of love.

Aaja tenu akhiyaan udeek diyaan, 

Come, my eyes long for you,

Sajna tenu akhiyaan udeek diyaan,

O’ beloved, my eyes long for you,

Dholna tenu akhiyaan udeek diyaan,

O’ dearest, my eyes long for you.

Author’s Note: 
The last verse is an excerpt from one of Bulleh Shah’s famous poems – a classical form of Sufi poetry in Punjabi language known as ‘kafi’. Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib brought life to these lyrics in his evergreen ‘qawwali’ – a form of Sufi music.

Listen to the remixed version here:

It is in Punjabi, yes, but I hope the essence of it is admired. Much love 🙂

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