Another dream

Some dreams stay with you forever / drag you around and lead you back to where you were.

Sometimes dreams are consciously or unconsciously related to our daily life. Like, they are sometimes the ‘visions‘ of the future. Or simply I can say, some dreams are the real image of whats going to happen in the coming days or moments. Yes this article’s for those who don’t believe in the fact that dreams are realistic and are meaningful as well.

People who are aware of the realism of dreams when go through the dream cycle, they become afraid of ‘what’s going to happen?’. The fear of which takes them out of their minds sporadically.

On the other hand, dreams are the positive signs shown by God to few people whom HE want to be on the right path for some reason (- reason unknown to me). HE guides them through the dreams. But it, on-a-whole, depends on the dreamer that how he/she interprets it.

Again, I dreamt weirdly..

I saw….

I am standing still in an open area with a very serious look on my face. I have a bag with me. It seems like I am either going or coming from somewhere. There is a vulture along with another bird, I don’t remember if it’s a crow or a seagull. That bird flutters in the obvious blue sky, vulture chases.. There is blood all around. As I turn, I realize that vultures have increased in number with their yellow beaks transformed into the blood red ones. It seems like they are devouring someone. Far my gaze meets with a chair on which a man’s sitting with the head detached from his body and the blood’s coming out of his neck. I – still having a very fine, obvious and serious look – turn and take few steps toward my home. Precipitously I feel blood streaming down my mouth. I can even taste the saltiness and bitterness in that blood. It’s liquid with the threads which I am pulling out from my throat with the help of my hand.

And I awoke..

If anybody have ‘any’ idea about what it was all about, do share and share your experience of the weird dreams (if you have had any) in the comment section below as well.


Your take on this ?

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