The fallen hero of Cricket

“Boom Boom” Afridi

Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, the star of Pakistan cricket is renowned for his explosive batting and tremendous bowling. The 32-year-old cricketer burst into the scene of international cricket in 1996, scoring the history’s fastest One Day International (ODI) hundred off just 37 balls in only his second match. Since then, the all-rounder has been an integral part of Pakistan’s limited-over side.

However, during the recent T20 World Cup, his form has been low and disappointing. People have criticized him for not doing well with the bat. During the tournament, captain of Pakistan’s team was questioned about his selection in the team. Mohammad Hafeez replied, “His presence on the field is quite motivating for all of us and he gives us confidence.” No doubt that Shahid’s experience can come handy for their side. But he can deliver it off the field too. The rest of the team aren’t little kids to be pat on the back.

Wasim Akram and many other former cricketers have said that Afridi should retire while he still has some respect in the heart of his fans. Mushtaq Ahmed, who is Afridi’s former team mate, on the other hand said that the 32-year-old cricketer struggled because he was not completely fit, asking the fans to be patient with the former captain. The captain who lead his average side to the semi-finals of World Cup 2011.

Shahid Afridi holds many records in the world of cricket from hitting the highest number of sixes to making the fastest hundred to the best bowling figures by a captain. He is a match winner. What we need to understand is that everyone falls. It is a matter of struggle and hard work that they are able to get up again. A wise decision for Afridi would be to take some time off. Work hard. Get his game back and be the hero he has always been. He can surely smack the sixes out of everyone’s vocal chords when they shout “BOOM BOOM IS BACK!!”


Your take on this ?

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