Why the video on YouTube has not been banned in Pakistan ?

The reason why this video was not banned by YouTube in Pakistan and was banned in countries like India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia is not some international conspiracy.

The IT ministry of Pakistan for the last two years is still in process of signing the MLAT treaty which would allow them to make such requests. Had we got the treaty signed the video would have been removed from our viewing in a matter of hours. We would not have to ban YouTube at an Internet Protocol level and thus reduce Gmail and Google Play all slow and cumbersome.

One of the reasons why MLAT(Mutual legal assistance treaty) has not been signed by Pakistan Government because of Google not having a legal entity office in Pakistan which may help sign such an agreement (as per Pakistani Laws). PTA and Google already have some understanding where they can make such requests (not legal requests)

MLAT is not an issue between Google and Govt of Pakistan – the MLAT has to be signed by the two governments aka Gov of Pakistan & the US Govt to ensure that legal issues can be sovled. Once the MLAT is singed then Google is legally binding to remove objectionable content from Pakistani viewers

It is the same reason why the video was removed from India, Malaysis and other countries – had our govt been doing any work this treaty would have been signed – but it sadly is not

The blame game is not on Google for the MLAT but the Govt of Pakistan.


Your take on this ?

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