What is Love?

Love is the feeling and a very sweet emotion which is present in every relationship existing in this world.When a baby first comes into this world the first bond which is developed between mother and child is that of pure love.It is the bond which is clear of every bad intention,feelings and emotions.Love is the one when teacher scolds his student for doing some mistake and after sometime give him/her a sweet smile and kiss on her cheeks,it is the one when mother scolding her child gives him/her a warm hug,it is the one which exists between sisters in the way that they all laugh,cry and fight for each other.It is the love when one brother goes for shopping and buy the same shirt for his second brother.It is the love when dad suddenly comes home and announce a huge pleasant surprise to his family.

A very good example explaining the true love is that “One day a boy asked wise man what is love?The wise man replied,Go to the garden and bring the most beautiful flower.”Then the boy dutifully goes to the garden and there he saw a lot of beautiful flowers.At the same time he thought that may be if he will move further he will get the most beautiful flower so then he move forward but did not get the most beautiful one.He was disappointed by this so he came back to the start of the garden where he had seen the beautiful flowers but now there is no flower here.He came back and told the whole story to wise man and the wise man answered,

“This is the love when you have it you don’t value it but when it gets away you repent it”


Your take on this ?

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