I’ll wound them with words i hadn’t dared to utter..

A person who speaks less or sometimes nothing and prefer keeping quiet in most of the situations is somehow considered a very timid being in the society we are living.

Even though that person remains all good to the people around him, hears to everybody, to everybody’s lame words.. But he is, in the end, engulfed in the tunnel of negativity by others.

I am not gonna take the above discussion more complicated, simply what I want to highlight over here is that people of our society are so selfish with own-meaning thing that you have to be like them otherwise they’ll surely piss you off and your ‘own’ silence will murder you.

Now, here the actual problem arises when you utter some words in front of them you hadn’t, before.

When someone talks something very stupid to you or hash words knowing that you won’t say anything harsh in return, that’s okay for them! But when you do, when you become rough, jagged, cacophonous; they often get extremely hyperly mad that ‘why’ this person, who had a sealed mouth once, is being uneven with me today however he hadn’t did this before!

And the dispute begins..


But the positive point; YOU SPOKE!

It’s your right to speak. Everybody has got a self respect. The harsh words of people should not matter to you. You ‘should’ fight for your right. Be straight.. Do what your mind says you to..
Yes! I’ve also heard (like you’ve..) of a saying “Silence is a loudest cry”
But sometimes keeping quiet isn’t the solution for those tangled problems.

Be nice to people until they’re nice. Kick them off when they began to madden you.

Promise to yourself today that you ‘will’ wound them with words you hadn’t dared to utter before because words have power.


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