BE CONFIDENT : What you are and what you do !!

Everyone says that “Trust in a relationship is very important”. Yes it is! But trusting yourself is more important. The era in which we are living is very technological and advanced era where people have a lot of opportunities to prove themselves but still they are not able to do something different, unique and productive and the main reason behind this is that they don’t have trust and confident on themselves that whatever thing they will do it will be right. So, there is a strong need to build confidence in ourselves. We all are always having some fear inside ourselves which usually prevents us to do something which is useful in real sense. So, we should try our best to get rid of this fear as soon as possible if we want progress. There are a lot more people who want to do something great but then they get trapped into such kind of thoughts “What people will say?”, “May be my friends don’t like this”, or maybe “I am not able to do it” etc. etc. We should understand this if we will do good some people will surely appreciate you and encourage you and on the other hand some will criticize you as we know this fact that every picture has both the sides that is darker and brighter one. Now, it totally depends on you that which complement and comment you are going to take it seriously and always remember people are always their to talk about everything. They are always free to make judgments and assumptions.

So, I just want to say that be confident what you are because every person is unique in himself. You are perfect what you are now. Be proud of yourself. Allah has created everyone different. Focus on your own abilities, capabilities and specialties rather than comparing yourself with others because comparison gives you nothing. And always try to find yourself what you meant to be and what you are born to be!


Your take on this ?

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