I am no more “Human”

Ramadan is a month of Blessing, According to the Holy Quran, the doors of hell are closed, and Satan is put behind bars. Then why is the world in a state of anarchy ? why is ‘peace’ no where to be found? why is it so? The so-called “evil” is still on the loose?

Satan is captured, but the little satan resides in each and every one of us. And with its full strength, he is active, let it be the Killing of Shias, the Persecution of Ahmadis, the forced conversions of Hindu minority, the Christian community accused of blasphemy, or target killings, murder, rape, every social evil that you can possibly think of, i actually witnessed it in the last month. The situation has come to this point, that one Muslim puts an allegation on the other, that he is not a practicing Muslim.

My question today is “Is it you who is to judge whether a man is a practicing Muslim or not ? Whether a man has the right to live or not ?”

Isn’t that something for God to decide? There is a reason why there is an after life, why we have a believe on judgement day. then why don’t you let God Judge, when the time comes?

Muslim being killed in Burma, is wrong. What about all those innocents murdered in the streets of Karachi, Gilgit, Quetta, Peshawar?
Are they any less of Muslim than the Burmese?

Is God just for Muslims? Was Prophet(PBUH) sent just for the Muslims ? If not, than why hatred towards humanity?
Forget the religion i follow, forget my color, forget my cast, forget my background, can’t i be not treated as just a human? As just a creation of God.

God made us? right. We are his perfect creation? When HE doesn’t discriminates, why do we?
If for HIM, our creator, each and every one us is equal. than who are we to differentiate? Disgrace the other on basis of ethnicity,color,creed,etc.

Cannibals, never used to do what we are doing to other humans. They killed to prey, and we…. we kill just for the sake of fun, or maybe we are bored much.

Believe on me, it’s very easy to comment on Facebook, tweet about it, but is very hard to actually go through it in reality. Ask the mother, who lost her only child in this sectarian violence. Ask those orphans, whom parents went to the market, to get clothes for them, and never came back. Ask those laborers who, when step out don’t know will they see their family again or not? Ask that father who is burying his own son.

A soldier dies doing his duty is a “martyr” while an ordinary man dies doing his duty, no one gives a damn about it. Death of an ordinary man or a puny insect, no difference.

For many of us Ramadan is over, for some one day remains, than Satan would be out, and with his kind help and support, we’ll take Evil to another level. Flush moral ethics down the drain, who needs them? When we have T.V anchors to discuss all day, when we have the government to curse, in fact everyone else to curse except ourselves.

Summing it all up, we are ‘not Humans’ anymore, being a Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Atheist comes later.


Your take on this ?

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