Life, a precious gift!

Every being who’ll have a look on this article would probably must agree with me If I say “Life’s a second name for difficulties”. In the mean time, life is beautiful as in it’s a gift for us. It’s too precious to waste. If you take your life seriously then you will truly understand that each day is a gift.

The thing is, like any other book, the book of life contains or includes various chapters. Some of which are of extreme joys while some are of supreme worries and frustrations on the other side.

A person cannot b entirely happy of having everything as this is in human nature – this creature, even if he’s blessed with everything, will have had a darker side of thoughts, there will be a desire to get even more.. A person have everything what he needs, everything he desires for but still there’s something that’s lacking. From here, he starts figuring out that what actually it is that takes him insane in the present minute and takes him back to normal in the next minute. This state of mind builds up depression plus anxiety. From here, he sticks to be a pessimist.

Think momentarily about the things that you are worried of; I mean if you think seriously nothing is more precious or amazing than life itself. When you understand life is a splendid gift from above you will never miss out a single thing. In fact, sometimes you feel like having nothing. Remember! When you’ll have God in your life you will have purpose. Seek him out.

Quoting something said by a friend:
“Nobody has a life free of Hardship, It’s actually these hardships that shape our character. Because due to these, we feel alive.”

Life is a gift, it is an incredible, splendid gift. Remember; how you live your life, determines the quality and how you look at your life, reflects your value and priority.
Give a kick to distressing stuff, worries and frustrations! And SMILE for having enough in your life. For having God with you. For having your parents around you. For having people who truly care for you.

Life’s beautiful, a very beautiful gift!

It’s not about shedding tears or regretting things every time. It’s much more then that.

Be free. Think free. Live free! 🙂


Your take on this ?

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