Jamal Shah, an inspiration..

During an interview to few private channels

Being a painter, I, basically admire the work of Jamal Shah eternally. The land which is constantly associated with fundamentalism is completely revitalized with the artist’s impeccable skill in his paintings; Baluchistan.

Sculpting at Hunerkada Islamabad

The tragedies and iniquities of life find reflection in the world of Jamal Shah. He is a gifted painter, versatile artist, sculptor, a teacher plus a social worker from Quetta, Baluchistan. He firstly did Masters in English Literature from Baluchistan University in 1978. In 1983 he got an NDA degree from National College of Arts, Lahore. Later he shortly got a Masters in Fine Arts from the Slade School of Art in London. In 1984 he established the Fine Arts Department at the University of Baluchistan and headed the department for probably three years. Succeeding, he formed the Artists Association of Baluchistan and became the first Chairman of Artists Association of Pakistan.

He says: “Art to me is a critical celebration of life”
His paintings deal mostly with life – mostly cover the aspects of difficulties of life.

He has an excellent command over figure drawings and uses color to dramatize the effect with strong contrast of light, using only a few colors. With the help of graphic images he tries to express the pain and misery of oppressed people and the struggle for freedom. Their potential strength to do so is depicted by exaggeration and distortion of the human anatomy.

He has held several solo and group shows all across Pakistan and abroad. His work is on permanent display at the Parliament House in Islamabad and Victoria and Albert Museum in Japan. He is the recipient of several awards including the British Council Fellowship and Bolan Prize for Sculpture at the National Exhibition, Lahore.

Two of his paintings that are amazingly striking!

 He has established a college of Visual and Performing Arts ‘HUNERKADA’ and has been associated with it for the past 18 years- Islamabad. Hunerkada Gallery spotlights fresh and imminent talent and strives to provide a launch pad for professionals and talented amateurs. During the seventeen years of its existence, Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts has endeavored to educate, inspire and train people in various disciplines of art.


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