Response we got On “10 sign She’s cheating on You”

Well its always good to be criticized upon, but this time i was sectioned to be an anti feminist 😛 .

If you haven’t read 10 sign’s She’s cheating on You. Read here

In the last two days came across some very unique comments and i thought why not share them with you guys. May be you’ll have something more to say 😀

  • ” its going to lead some dumbass believe it and he’ll wreck it up with his girl “
  • ” according to your article… im cheating on 99% of my best friends “
  • ” the awkward moment when you ex cheated on you and you find this list and she ticked 9 of the boxes… “
  • ” do you have a girl ? how do you know all this ? “
  • ” she cheated on you , didn’t she ? “
  • ” Love life is a history with many chapters that we cant leave long enough to cover the whole of it. so if she cheats on me she can’t cheat to her creator also I believe there is a solution for every challenge in life “
😀 And I am so not an anti-feminist 😀
I’d Love to read your feedback, Do comment below 😉
and give your girl a kiss from my side too 😉

Your take on this ?

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