Big Bang Letter

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but nobody else does.”–STEUART HENDERSON BRITT

What’s Big Bang Letter? It’s single page letter and it plays the role of your advertisement or commercial. It’s scripted on marketing principle called AIDA.

What’s AIDA Model? The entire marketing communication tools are based on this principle.

  1. Gain Attention
  2. Hold Interest
  3. Arouse Desire
  4. Elicit Action

“Big Bang Letter is a rifle shot”

If Big Bang Letter is well thought-out and creatively scripted, it can be as effective as a rifle shot aimed directly at its target. There’re certain rules to develop Big Bang Letter.

  • Dramatic
  • Attention-grabber
  • Spontaneous
  • Creative
  • Spellbinding and hypnotic

It must shout  who you’re and what are your USPs? It must arouse to action!

Creative writing is an art and worthy of learning. Recently, I happened to read a marvelous book Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words by Joe Vitale, and I must recommend it for all those who want to influence others with writing.

“Big Bang Letter is a hooker”

Big Bang Letter must start with an attention-grabber to hook attention of the reader, like

“When I was a five years old kid………………”

“My granny used to say……………………….”

“You must have read about Abraham Lincoln……”

“What if I tell you………………………………”

The idea behind Big Bang Letter is that it should start in such a way that reader has no other choice except getting hooked to it until the last line is finished. You assume the role of a magician casting lavish spell through the medium of gripping words.

I’ll share with you my own experience. As I narrated my tale in A ‘Loser’ Catches the Train”, in early  2000 I had a severe employment crisis. Owing to certain career decisions, I was without a job. I was hunting job through all conventional methods. I was responding to every job advertisement in the papers my eyes caught a sight of. Every week, I was sending around 20-30 CVs to potential employers in response to advertisements appearing in papers. In four months, probably I sent around 100 CVs to HR managers and I got only 3-4 interview calls from second rated companies…a response ample enough to damp the spirit of any feeble soul.

The magma of frustration was now transforming itself in the form of volcanic eruption urging a slight jolt for its bursting. I, in many of my waking hours, placed myself inside the dock of my conscience facing a hundred questions and each time receiving no substantial answer that could rescue, shield and salvage me against the invading hostile circumstances; that can ensure me of my bright future; that can promise me that I’m still in control. There was hammering and a constant hammering on my conscience and that was endangering my own sense of proportion and mental equilibrium. I wanted to shout to the world that I’m in charge of my destiny;  I wanted to make them realize that I’m the same ‘chosen seed’; I wanted to affirm my abilities to them and at the top of all I wanted to re-establish myself with a more dignified identity. I strongly yearned to clear this distorted image of myself before me for I no more wanted to face myself held in the same phase. It was very painful to remain jobless for such a longtime. I started questioning my own abilities; I started criticizing myself; self-nagging was becoming my favorite pastime; my self-image was getting drained. I was destroying my own mind with poison of negative self-talk.

I was a classic example of “Negaholic”. Do you’ve an idea of who “Negaholic” is?  A“Negaholic” is a person who not only just harbors destructive negative thoughts but also enjoys them. “Negaholism” isn’t less than a syndrome or a disorder. It’s a serious disease that requires a disciplined therapy. I can’t draw a picture of gloom and depression that I was going through.

“There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.” –MARK TWAIN

“The story of my Big Bang Letter”

Your Big Bang Letter is your advertisement that creates pull on you. In early  2000, I crafted my Big Bang Letter; I took two weeks to write a single page Big Bang Letter; I mailed it to 26 potential employers; it created a tremendous pull on me; got 16 responses in 10 days; took every interview as a Sales Call and exerted a tremendous push; had an order (job offer) on 15th day. It was a miraculous discovery; it was eureka.

Big Bang Letter is different like every advertisement. The beauty of Big Bang Letter lies in its novelty and distinctiveness. Big Bang Letter is only scripted and crafted and can’t be copied or imitated or transcripted. If it’s copied, it’ll remain no more a Big Bang Letter; its bang, if any, will fizzle out. Its copy will make it a circular with no bang and beat at all.

“Writing a Big Bang Letter”

Write your own Big Bang Letter. Don’t even copy my style; imitation won’t work at all. Think about your strengths and weaknesses; discover your USPs; dramatize them, sensationalize them; emotionalize them. Make your letter spontaneous and daring and abrupt. Shred the conventional approach and adopt a unique style.

You need to spend at least two weeks to discover and invent your USPs; ask your mastermind group how different you’re; how great you’re. Spend another two weeks to write down your Big Bang Letter. Write and re-write; write and re-write. Spend another two weeks to prune it, to refine it, to purify it, to improvise it. Show it to your friends; seek their opinion; debate with them on every word, every sentence, commas, full stops and semi colons.  This is what I did. This is what’s required. This is what’s desired. You can even seek my opinion through email (ashraf(at)

Get the best stationary; get the best printing; use the best envelop. If you send a hard copy, it’s far more impacting than an email. Emails lack aesthetic sense; they’re read hurriedly. Hard copies are read, retained, referred to and reflected upon.

Tips to script Big Bang Letter

  1. Know your strengths and weave thoughts around them.
  2. Spend time to write your letter. Someone rightly said, “With part-time effort, you get part-time results.” This is especially true in letter writing. You can expect to spend several hours, or even several days, on a letter. It takes twenty one days to hatch chickens.
  3. Write a rough draft and let it cool off for a day or two. Improvise it by trying better words. Go into thesaurus for key words. Writing can be hard work. Don’t take it lightly, and don’t feel bad if you can’t write a high-impact marketing letter in half an hour. Neither can professional copywriters! Writing is a profession, like rocket science. Don’t expect to learn or perfect it overnight.
  4. Use TNT power of P.S (postscript) to close your letter bangingly.
  5. Ask for opinions, advice, and feedback from mastermind group, from friends, and from sales, marketing, and advertising experts.
  6. Test-drive your Big Bang Letter on a smaller sample (10-15 persons) to know the response.
  7. If you’re getting your desired response, then go for full-fledge roll-out. In case of weaker response, re-write it; put ‘some steroids’ into it to make it banging.
  8. Copywriters are expert in hypnotic writing. You may also get help of any copywriter from advertising agencies to paint your picture with words. You may take my guidance for fine-tuning and improvising your letter (ashraf (at)
  9. Harness the power of repetition, like I wrote, “that’s not end of the story” four times in one paragraph.

Author : Ashraf Chaudry
Extract From : AshrafChaudryBlog

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