A Dream

Sometimes dreams are consciously or unconsciously  related to our daily life. Like, they are sometimes the ‘visions‘ of the future. Or simply I can say, some dreams are the real image of whats going to happen in the coming days or moments. Yes this article’s  for those who don’t believe in the fact that dreams are realistic and are meaningful as well.

People who are aware of the realism of dreams when go through the dream cycle, they become afraid of ‘what’s going to happen?’. The fear of which takes them out of their minds sporadically.

On the other hand, dreams are the positive signs shown by God to few people whom HE want to be on the right path for some reason (- reason unknown to me). HE guides them through the dreams. But it, on-a-whole, depends on the dreamer that how he/she interprets it.

About a month back, I dreamed weirdly. When my eyes opened, my mouth was dried like I’ve been yelling from a long time. I walked to the window of my room and stood there paralyzed with fear. In the mean time I got flashbacks, of the dream I just saw, in my mind.

I saw….

I’m walking bare-footed in the deserty sand in search of a glass of water. Nothing is clearly visible to my eyes as they are filled with dusty tears. My ears are not able to hear anything because of my own squawks. I have a severe throat-ache. I am yelling. Totally isolated. No one’s there to stabilize the condition I am in. I am running here and there hyperly from the top of the mountainous deserty slopes down into the v-curves. Have fallen out. There’s a desperate desire for only a single drop of fresh liquid. Instantly, my eyes met with a fresh water pond at walking distance. An inverted rainbow appeared on my face but it vanished when I got an idea that my body is immovable; is not able to move even an inch. In the end, I am lying down, covered with sand , mouth still open, eyes still on the pond, hoping that God is the one who strengthens man and , no doubt, every being HE created. HE surely will provide me with the strength to reach the pond..

The word ‘not now‘ exists in God’s dictionary but there’s no ‘never‘!

Be righteous! Stick to your aim! God surely will help you!

Ayaat from Surah no. 94:

“Surely after hardship there is ease. After hardship indeed there is ease.”


Your take on this ?

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