Initiation of hatred

Not all persons have this problem in common of hating themselves but some have..

A question, first of all arises that “what makes a person hate themselves?”

“Point of initiation of hatred?”

Cowardice perhaps!


The sense of isolation or of being abandoned.

The sense of having everything except the actual comfort.

The sense of not achieving what one desired for.

The sense of being hated by people.

Fear of loosing.

Or the eternal fear of being wrong,

Of not doing what others expect,

Of being inferior.

Having everything but considering yourself inferior just because of your thinking level, (some people call it over thinking).

I, personally believe that whenever you get in such a situation where you’re not able find a way out, you should just walk directly in the way of The Lord Almighty. No doubt, he provides comfort, the love of Lord will turn your hatred into peace, amenity, luxury or satisfaction. Love HIM, He’ll love you infinitely in return.

Surah No. 94
“Have we not opened your breast,
and removed your burden
which had left you devoid of hope,
And exalted your fame?
Surely after hardship there is ease.
After hardship indeed there is ease.
So when you are free, work diligently
and turn your Lord with all your love”.


Your take on this ?

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