Equality Rant..

Author:- Waleed Khalid

You know I am sick and tired of the preposterous misconceptions developed about boys and girls. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well then let me state an example, if a guy walks up to a girl and says, “Hey, I love you.” The girl would look up and if she doesn’t like what she sees would just simply say, “How dare you, don’t you have manners? Haven’t you got a mother or a sister at home?” The result, the society dubs the guy as a flirt. Now on the contrary if a girl does the same thing and a guy answers, “No, sorry not interested get lost.” The society dubs the guy as rude! Now, I grew up in the 21st century, the century in which the equivalent rights movements for girls had won its battles and girls are given equal rights everywhere. Or are they?

Let us take a look at another example; guy makes a sex joke… Bastard… Doesn’t know his limits… Girl makes a sex joke… Oh look what an open minded girl…

Not convinced yet? Let me continue

A girl walks up to a guy, “Hey, sorry I am sick can I have your seat?” A guy HAS to get up and give her his seat. Vice versa if a guy does that the response he gets is, “How rude!!! Asking a girl to get up… Where are your manners?”

Still want me to continue?

Guy plays a prank; hurts a girls feeling… He doesn’t have a heart, SOB, doesn’t know how to treat a woman… On the other hand a girl plays a prank; hurts a guys feeling… if he complains… Be a man suck it up… Look how funny she is…

Now halt everything… I am sorry I missed the class where they taught us to be callous and not get hurt! They didn’t teach us that you can’t complain to a girl… I was taught equality and fairness to all… So why is that when I stand up for my rights against a girl I am the one who is always shunned aside? Why is that I always end up being the rude and assholic bastard who has no idea how special a girl is! Oh and it gets better if you treat a girl special, they dub you a SEXIST!!! (Out of which I have been given the status of all of them, as I believe in equality for all)

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it’s all the fault of girls (Though nothing would please me more). This is also the fault of our own society… The society shaped by those in power and the rest just following them in hopes of getting some drops of power for themselves. It is also the fault of men that the image, “Men don’t cry” is strongly publicized in the media and even in our own homes… It ‘s the first thing a little boy hears when he is crying after getting hurt, “Hey, come on sweetie, big boys don’t cry.” Now what the heck is that? I mean when you grow up you are just supposed to throw away your heart? Throw away the part of you that compels you to cry and just show some emotions which cannot be in any case be RANDOM!!! And the irony of all this is those who don’t learn to cry on the inside are dubbed as “IMMATURE” by both genders.

Now girls may be special but remember they were the ones who fought for equality. Now when it is given to them why can’t they just accept the reality that they aren’t poofy princesses in their gaga land and give up their throne? Why do they still manipulate the other gender for their own means? (That is another thing I strictly despise those who are manipulated so easily by girls.)

Since, I am back on the topic of girls let me get to a related topic… Commitment and girls… Now, ever since I was a child I have always heard a man proposing to a woman. Now if there is equality tell me why is it always the unfeeling, callous man (as every man is according to girls) who should tell his feelings? Then woman actually bitch about the fact that chivalry is dead… I am sorry but weren’t you the ones who literally took a knife and stabbed chivalry till its blood soaked the land red? Look around you; you want everything to be exactly the way you want it to be… Those people who are that puppet are the chevaliers otherwise they are just another piece of garbage you find on the street.

Now, I am still confused where is the equality I was always taught to give? Did the girls take it away? Maybe… Did we the boys gave it away? Maybe… Did the society we both help shape up took it away and sucked us dry of every right against a girl? Hell YES!!! It’s the fault of both that today a guy is blamed for everything that goes wrong with a girl. A guy is an inglorious bastard whereas a girl is a little princess of some far away land expected to be treated with pure respect and every right you ever had should be given away in front of her.

Not all girls are like that though, there are many who prefer equality of genders over all this crap but the majority of girls  are often like that… and it pains to make me say that majority of the boys are those who enjoy their rights being taken away… Listen if you are a masochistic son of a beep it doesn’t mean you can go out and ruin it for all of us just because you think a girl might like you!!! You are a freaking loser!!! GET OVER IT!!! Oh, and if you are a girl and enjoy manipulating guys, well then princess you need to get over the fact that you are the center of this universe! You are not the princess of any ga ga land to me so take of that fake frou frou you wear of oh so nobleness and get the freaking equality you always speak of. If you can’t, then stop freaking saying, “Sigh, girls are never treated fairly!” GIRLS ARE TREATED MORE FAIRLY THAN BOYS!!! GET OVER IT!!! YOU ARE NOT A BEEPING PRINCESS YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER PERSON IN THIS WORLD!!! We were created EQUAL!!! If you take a knife and stab a girl and a boy both will bleed!!! Both have a heart and have rights!!! Give them both equality and stop with the prejudice!!!

Author:- Waleed Khalid
Check out his blog:- www.albusclosethedoor.wordpress.com 



  1. I beg to differ. The point is when it comes to equality,its equality is rights. Its about having equal rights to use our talent and get our career to a point where they are supposed to be.Right to live, if we go a bit into rural areas there still are cases of child marriages ( n let me make it clear its the girl who suffers 80 percent of the time) . Equal rights u talk about?? we need equal rights in walking by a road without being stared at, (AND OH PLZ ITS JUST 1 OUT OF 10 GUYS WHO EXPERIENCE IT whereas its EVERY SINGLE girl beign stared at)
    equal rights hmm?? we need equal rights in our education and not being married off and managing the household even before graduating…equal rights are not what u talk about my friend… whatever it is u talk about 20 percent of the scenarios I here am talking about 80 percent of the time.. even today 80 percent of the time the “moral and cultural values are being followed” a girl is the one who is being rejected for mainly being short heighted or dark complexioned or JUST NOT REALLY BEAUTIFUL or being over wight.. maybe its my lack of experience but during the past 18 years. i have never come across a case where a guy is rejected on his “appearances” … well about the proposal thing. a Girl walks up to a guy is 20 percent of the times… On the other hand u marked an example of the seat thing. well sir, our religion teaches us to treat girls with care. And even keeping religion apart , Girls are maddeeee weak .. dats hw it is. u agree or not.. there is absolutely nothing wrong wd guys crying.. cuz i know theyr emotionallly not that strong.. secondly the equality is required in the things i mentioned start mein.ap bhalay bethnay ki jagah na dain =DD magar appearance pe larkiyoun ko judge mat karain =) un per un ki lives kharab mat karain =) aur OH PLZ… will the staring game EVER end???

    • Opinion Respected 🙂
      But on just one things , now is the time , when girls actually reject guys for not being rich , well settled .
      Its actually the guys who start work at the age of 5 6 ( child labor , 72 % are boys)
      “Oh Muslimah, Even though a man is responsible for his gaze, You are responsible for what you give him to gaze at. So guard your modesty!”

      • sir with all due respect =) iv seen 100s of cases where a girl in a complete islamic dress code is passing by and receiving the same looks the same comments…uv got to accept this is what EVERY girl irrespective of what shes wearing is being looked at…
        Secondly the proposal thing..well u know better than me the percentage of a girl rejecting a guy for any xyz reasons

      • Even if for just the sake of an argument i accept your point , It seems vague.
        I haven’t seen a properly dressed women gazed as you mention.
        And the proposal it a far fetched debate. There is alot more to it then your and mine understanding.

  2. With due respect to the lady, I must say that the experience is the opposite here. I see a lot of guys rejected due to their appearance, money and power. And no woman gets stared at if she is dressed modestly. There is a definition of how a woman’s dressing should be and I am talking about that.
    I would like to quote the author here :
    “Now girls may be special but remember they were the ones who fought for equality. Now when it is given to them why can’t they just accept the reality”

  3. … Hate to intrude on the conversation but you said something about education and graduating… Well, out of all the girls i know only 10% actually want to study the rest are just doing so to get a good husband… Yes, equality awesome… Also, if you live in Pakistan why is it that always boys universities and colleges are being made co ed so boys would get lesser seats whereas girls colleges and universities never do that? And as for the looks thing, that is the whole society… both genders males and females 🙂 We are becoming a society bent on shallow moral monetary values and deviating from everything good…

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